Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology - Front View 2

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology

I’m a complete sucker for a beautiful, classic blue jean…it almost seems like no matter what this traditional wash never gets old and I am constantly pleased with every style I try on because every jean is unique in its own awesome way. However, something I’ve picked up on a lot lately are the not so traditional pairs…the printed, textured, patterned, painted or the colored jeans. The warmer months of spring and summer are ideal times for super colorful jeans as everyone’s moods are lifted by the longer, brighter days! We’ve all seen solid colors, we’ve seen ombre, tie dye, and paint splattered jeans, but I have something really unique here…so lets get right to it. Here is a Denim Expert BlueXonly Straight Painted Jeans review!

I kind of went over the Denim Expert brand in my last review, but here’s a refresher! Denim Expert Ltd. is a Bangladesh/Netherlands company that is more of a denim manufacturer than a standalone brand, catering to various international retailers around the world since 1999. Managing director Mostafiz Uddin states that denim will play an important role in raising exports for Bangladesh, which is the second largest garment exporter worldwide after China, and so far it is growing rapidly with no end in sight! Denim Expert utilized their extensive experience within the denim industry to build up their very own denim brand, BlueXonly, which ships to the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and Italy. Mostafiz spends a lot of his own time as the driver and designer behind the brand, coming up with new ideas and constantly updating his team on the latest trends in the denim industry in order to stay as competitive as they are. Denim Expert has sold sixty percent of its own brand since 2011 and sells all other product through European retailers like Tesco, Primark, Takko Fashion, Forever21, Mexx and Hema.

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology - Back View

These Denim Expert BlueXonly Straight Painted Jeans are beautiful. Our Denimology team got two to review, click here to see Ashley’s review of a gorgeous green and yellow pair! My last review from Denim Expert featured a pair of skinny jeans that I received in my size, 26, but they were just a tad too small, even though I eventually managed to squeeze into them. This orange and purple painted pair was sent to us in a size 28, and I went for it since I felt the last pair would have fit perfectly if it was a size or two larger. This one was a great fit! They weren’t super tight and constricting, but lay really well over my hips without the need for a belt, and I’ve worn them a few times without them stretching out or bagging at all. I received these as a sample pair, so there isn’t a whole lot of detail provided about them, but they appear to be a thick, durable feeling fabric blend of mostly cotton and just a tad of spandex, much like the last BlueXonly jeans I reviewed, except these feel like a heavier weight. The inseam appears to be about 30″ or 31″, and I like to cuff them just a little at the bottom for some added character. The stitching on the inner seam is a green so cuffing them up a little allows that awesome little detail to be seen. I am about 5’5.5″ so when cuffed they hit right below my ankle. These jeans also appear to be a mid rise, I would say about 7.5″ or 8″.

When it comes to styling…man, where can I begin? These are just so freaking cool…an indigo faded out with some vibrant orange, with minimal detailing to distract from it. The back pockets feature a modest embroidered design, and the only indication of the brand is on the fly button. I love contrast when I style jeans, and these have so much on their own, so I’d pair them with a plain top of any color you please, really…I think so many people are afraid of patterned, painted or any unconventionally finished jeans such as these because they aren’t sure how to style them. But really, I think they have such a wide range of possibilities! I have been wearing them casually during the day and have gotten a ton of compliments, but I would also wear them at night to the bars with some heels. The sky’s the limit with these, and I think every fashion-conscious gal should have at least one daring, unique pair of jeans in their closet. These would definitely fit the bill! I am consistently interested in what Denim Expert has up their sleeves and this is one of the companies to keep your eyes on.

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology - Front View

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology - Side View

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology - Closeup Front View

Denim Expert BlueXonly Painted Jeans Review on Denimology - Back Detail View

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      Thank you Rachel! Yeah it’s kind of interesting how some of these super colorful or printed jeans end up more versatile than you might think ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute blog!

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