Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Jeans Review on Denimology

Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Jeans Review on Denimology - Front View

Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Jeans Review on Denimology

Hello all! Summer might be just around the corner, and flares and boyfriend jeans might be dominating the season, but skinny jeans are always in, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it! They still make for about 80% of my denim collection! I am always excited to see how many different ways the denim industry can throw me a skinny jean, and I just can’t tire of it. This time around I am stoked to feature a skinny jean from a brand that has recently started gracing the pages of Denimology, coming all the way from Bangladesh! So here we go with a Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Leg Jeans review!

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First and foremost, Denim Expert Ltd. has been a denim manufacturer for various international retailers around the world since 1999. The Bangladesh denim industry is growing rapidly as a major source of denim around the world. Managing director Mostafiz Uddin states that denim will play an important role in raising exports for Bangladesh, which is already the second largest garment exporter worldwide after China! With the extensive experience within the denim industry that Denim Expert has accrued over the years, Mostafiz took the reins with his very own denim brand, BlueXonly, which ships to the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and Italy. He is the driver and designer behind the brand, spending a lot of his time in his big design studio to come up with new ideas and constantly keeping his team updated on the latest trends and happenings in the denim industry. Denim Expert has sold sixty percent of its own brand since 2011 and sells all other product through European retailers like Tesco, Primark, Takko Fashion, Forever21, Mexx and Hema. The brand is growing rapidly, and Mostafiz still has some grand plans for the future of the company! Living in the United States, I definitely appreciate our homegrown jeans, but I absolutely love checking out what’s hot in other parts of the world! So, I was very happy to get an opportunity to share this brand with all of you.

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I received the BlueXonly skinny jeans in my usual size of 26, and all of us who are obsessed with denim know how difficult sizing can be, especially if you’re an American ordering a European brand! The 26 was rather tight and I couldn’t really pull them on, but they have a 97.5% cotton, 2.5% spandex fabric blend so I was able to wet stretch them out enough that they were a bit easier to squeeze on (for those who have no idea what they just read, one of the great things about denim is that it stretches out great when wet! Just put on your too-tight jeans, step in the shower, walk around and do lunges and squats in them and sit around the house until they dry, and wa la!). They are still pretty tight though and could stand to be a bit looser! The low amount of spandex in these jeans make it just a little stretchy, and I have a fairly muscular shape. I am sure those who are a bit more svelte could have fit into them a lot better, and I’d advise to size up one size, maybe even two! Overall though, the quality of the denim is superb. They are nice and thick (I’d guess about 10oz), and feel very durable. The blue is a classic blue wash with vintage fading, beautiful subtle whiskering and orange contrast stitching. These jeans speak for themselves without the need for flashy details! All rivets and buttons are stamped with “bxo” for BlueXonly, with antique finishing, and the back of the waistband is graced with a black brand patch. The 30″ inseam is great for the summer months to keep those ankles cool and show off a pedicure, and I would say they have a low rise, around 7.5.” These are definitely a classic medium blue skinny, and I would wear them with a soft, flowy white or black top with some cute sandals for daytime or a sleek black silk top and some mean black heels for a dinner date! Every girl needs a pair of versatile skinny jeans in her closet!

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If you’re looking for a fast growing European brand, BlueXonly is a great one to check out. Even though the denim industry around the world is growing more and more competitive around the world, these guys are standing out as a purveyor of quality-made denim, and look to be making some serious strides in the near future!

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