Denim Eyewear from Diesel

Diesel Denimize

Photo: Diesel

Denim Eyewear from Diesel

Diesel is one of those brands from which we can always expect to expect the wild, the different, and the innovative. And yet, somehow I am still surprised with what they come up with from time to time. The eyewear and denim markets are always major ones in the fashion world, but unlike denim, I rarely see a lot of innovation with eyewear. Leave it to Diesel to take care of that…the brand just released their Denimize collection, which is basically denim eyewear. The brand states:

The Denimize Collection takes our 35 years of denim expertise and experience to create a distinctive selection of sunglasses and optical eyewear. Featuring real denim from the richest, most tactile section of fabric, which ensues every pair is subtly different and unique, just as each pair of jeans is never the same shade or tone.

The line includes both sunglasses and optical options which you can find or order through your local optometrist, for both women and men, of course. At first I thought these were going to be full-on denim sunglasses (again, I always expect the extreme from Diesel), but these are actually pretty classy. I love how balanced they are, with just the right of denim accents to make these catch the attention of others as you strut down the street. Like many, I am picky with the shape of sunglasses since different styles look differently on various shapes and sizes of faces, but if I see these in my local eyewear shops, I’ll be stopping to try them on.

Check out a few styles below:

Women's Claudia

Women’s Claudia

Denim Eyewear from Diesel - DL0071


Denim Eyewear from Diesel  - DL5066


Shop the collection here.


  1. Jennine June 4, 2014 / 9:52 am

    Wow! I’m really loving these! I need to get a pair, like now!

    • decadentdissonance June 4, 2014 / 10:14 am

      Right?? Haha so awesome! It’s cool to see brands getting more creative with denim, right? 🙂

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