Denim for Every Occasion at White House Black Market

As you can imagine, I’m not usually one for big chain stores. American Eagle Outfitters is an exception, and sometimes Topshop or ASOS if I feel so inclined. Of course, you can count in all the big denim brands I write about, but I don’t really throw them in the same category. I don’t really like shopping in physical stores, because online shopping gives more flexibility and freedom to search for discount codes or mull over a piece you kind of like for a few days before purchasing (and I don’t like feeling watched when I shop). Also, a lot of brick & mortar stores are painfully specific to me…you’ve got either teen you young adult-oriented boutiques or the ones that cater to the older crowds. I never really see anything in between, other than maybe Express, but I haven’t even stepped foot in one of those stores in awhile. I guess I have a bit too much hippy in my blood.

White House Black Market is a brand I discovered a few years ago, and kind of admired from afar. I was excited when we first got one here in my town, but still hadn’t even walked in because of my said anxieties of shopping in physical stores. The brand seems to bridge the gap between carefree young adult and…well, carefree older adult! Everything they carry seems grown up yet still fun and edgy…right up my alley. For Christmas this last year, my husband got me a gift card to shop there, and I was excited to finally use this as a perfect excuse to check them out!

It didn’t take long for me to end up with armfulls of items I wanted to try on once I walked in to the store. I was trying to focus more on tops and outerwear then denim, since I have SO much denim already (surprise surprise). However, I can’t ever miss a chance to try out a new brand of jeans! I grabbed two pairs, the Tie-Waist Trouser Jeans and a medium-washed, distressed version of the Straight-Leg Crop Jeans. They are so amazingly SOFT!!! They have just the right amount of stretch without being thin and spandexy (they have a nice thickness to them). I’m glad I didn’t walk out with a pair, because it was a difficult choice as it was to narrow everything down to fit the budget, but now I’m wanting to go back and grab one. White House Black Market has seemed to perfect the supersoft jean for bodies that aren’t necessarily model-esque, with a playful yet grown up touch. I would recommend anyone who often has issues finding the perfect jean to check them out. Especially because they definitely feel quite premium, without the high premium price! It’s definitely neat that they keep a youthful, on-trend feel with “real woman” fits, with your choice of different lengths as well. Score! White House Black Market also always has all sorts of deals floating around, as well as a rewards program, and the customer service within the store was awesome. It’s actually a super fun shopping experience!

Here are some of my favorite denim styles from White House Black market!

Here are some more denim pieces I love as well as awesome items to pair with them (and, some that are beautiful on their own).

Shop more denim styles from White House Black Market here.

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