Diesel Releases Actyvista for Active Lifestyles

Diesel Releases Actyvista for Active Lifestyles

Images: Diesel

Diesel Releases Actyvista for Active Lifestyles

The rapid rise of the athleisure trend had a high impact on the denim industry last year, as activewear companies began catering to those craving comfort in their everyday casual lives by creating fashion forward styles that reached beyond the gym. Denim took a bit of a hit, and many companies went back to the drawing boards to come up with something different. Never before have I seen so much innovation in the denim industry, with seemingly endless variations in stretchy, more comfortable, shape-retention fabrics hit the market to give the athleisure trend a run for its money. It was so fascinating to see just how comfortable a pair of jeans really could get! Denim joggers were also among the new, softer styles, and Diesel was one of the brands last year to come out with their own, the Jogg Jean, which combined jersey with denim and fabric technology from their Skinzee shaping denim line, with 3% spandex, super stretch fabric that never bags out and provides a flattering lift (source). Now, the brand has taken this style to another level, branching out another version for the women’s F/W 2015/16 season. The Actyvista jean retains the original science behind the Jogg Jean, with the addition of a special fabric weave with finer yarns, much like that of activewear itself, for a true “hybrid” jean.

Fusing ergonomic design with authentic super stretch denim for a style that gives you ultimate comfort and total recovery, they hug your every curve. It’s fashion denim for an active lifestyle. “

Jersey+denim=joggjeans. These are our hybrid denim. A unique fusion of design and new fabric that mashes the durability of denim with the comfort of sweatpants. Cutting edge, these are crafted with a unique fabric that weaves together the style of denim with the versatility of jersey whose offspring is an activewear denim. You now have the freedom to move like never before.”

I wouldn’t imagine I’d be hitting the gym in these impressive pieces, but as someone who loves fitness and being active (and has considered wearing my gym clothes around town but wanted more coverage), I feel I would love to wear these on a day to day basis, or while running errands! What a neat fashion statement too for the fitness fanatic.

Check out the Actyvista line here, and the original Jogg Jean line here.

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