Eco Friendly Activewear from ReActive by Threads 4 Thought

I can write about denim all day (as I have for about 7 years), but lets take a little break into something else. As an avid gym-goer and someone who integrates fitness into my everyday life, I’m also just a bit obsessed with activewear. I have some pieces for sweating in, and some to wear as “athleisure” when I’m feeling like actually taking a break from denim in my everyday life, mostly in regards to leggings. There are so many fun brands out there with some pretty dope leggings, and sometimes denim even takes a bit of a backseat when I start discovering a lot that tickle my tastes. Of course, I like looking at sustainability, or whether or not the brands I purchase from are independent. Threads 4 Thought is an awesome sustainable brand that’s been around for quite a few years now, and I’m definitely a fan of their eco friendly activewear, basics and loungewear collections.

Threads 4 Thought has graced my blog a couple times, as I wrote about their eco friendly apparel and some gorgeous scarves they had available many years ago. I still keep my eyes on them from time to time, due to their awesome sustainable efforts that just keep improving over and over again. They regularly use sustainable fibers like Lensing Modal, organic cotton and recycled plastics, and they saved over 500 million gallons of water last year by reducing use and recycling 80% of their water waste. For this article, I’m focusing on their eco friendly activewear collection, ReActive, which takes things a step further to benefit our oceans.

ReActive by Threads 4 Thought is a pretty solid activewear collection, with everything manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and recycled nylon fishing nets. As I’m sure we all know by now, the plastic pollution in our oceans is pretty gnarly, and not really getting much better. Over the years I’ve been happy to see more companies doing their part to reduce this mess, like Teeki (now out of business unfortunately, but also used recycled plastic bottles for their yoga apparel), G-Star RAW, Allbirds, Matt & Nat, TOMS, Aerie and more. I hope this number continues to grow as this is absolutely a real problem! This also shows promise that using recycled materials could be becoming more economical in the style industry, and I’m glad brands like Threads 4 Thought are making it more affordable for end consumers like us so we can help out as well.

All eco friendly activewear in Thread 4 Thought’s ReActive collection is available for both women and men, and most items come in several colors to fit your preferences. Scroll down to see my favorite picks (and yes, some of these leggings have POCKETS)!

Shop all eco friendly activewear items from Thread 4 Thought’s ReActive collection here!

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