Eco Friendly and Modern Yoga Apparel by ALO

Even though I’m a denim-head, I didn’t much mind the so-called “threat” that the athleisure boom imparted onto the denim industry. On one hand, innovations come when challenges arise, and jeans as we now know them are nothing like they were just a few years ago! On the other hand, there just have been some seriously cool activewear brands out there—I’ll admit I’ve ended up really digging my growing little legging collection and even now wear some active outerwear on a daily basis too. The comfort is one thing, but so many of the newest brands and styles are just so much more unique than regular apparel!

One other thing I love about a lot of activewear brands is their realization that the textile and apparel industries are some of the dirtiest out there in terms of pollution, and have made strides to adopt more eco-friendly practices. I guess it comes along with the concept of fitness, well-being and always striving to improve oneself…the environment definitely plays a part! ALO Yoga is a premium activewear brand found at large retailers such as Revolve, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Carbon38 and more, but they stand out in such a great way. “ALO” stands for “Air,” “Land” and “Ocean,” to begin with. They also use eco-friendly fabrics and solar panels adorn their Los Angeles headquarters, which is also paper-free. Employees are encouraged to drive eco-friendly vehicles as well, with electric car chargers offered in the parking lot. Their clothing itself is high quality and offers a modern, clean but fun touch! Here are some awesome pieces from Revolve, below.

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