Eco Friendly Swimwear from Tropic of C by Candace Swanepoel

Eco Friendly Swimwear from Tropic of C by Candace Swanepoel


It’s winter, and most of us are not thinking of our next swimwear purchase, I’m sure…but it’s summer somewhere, right? I guess vacations aren’t really a think either due to sheltering in place, but perhaps stocking up on something cute for the next time summer rolls around is a way to stay positive and look forward to happier days in these tough times. A good swimsuit isn’t always too cheap, but I feel if I’m going to spend the dollars on something of quality, I might as well shop for eco friendly swimwear. At least it helps diminish a little more guilt when you know you’re doing your part to reduce your footprint, right? I’ve written a bit about eco friendly swimwear brands, especially those using recycled plastic for their pieces. When I first started this blog, eco friendly brands and products were few and far between, but I’m excited that lately I’ve been discovering so many to feature here, and this next one is pretty cool as well.

We all know supermodel Candace Swanepoel as one of Victoria’s Secret’s top models. She recently took time off to care for her two children, as well as to start a new swimwear brand. Tropic of C is making waves with eco friendly swimwear made from recycled materials such as fishing nets, industrial plastics and even fabrics, all recovered from landfills and oceans. I’ve posted a lot about sustainable swimwear brands using recycled plastics, like Aerie, Mara Hoffman and Patagonia, and I’m happy to add another to the list! Tropic of C also uses lycra xtra life™ which is a fabric technology that prevents fading of color from heat and chlorine, and provides flexibility, compression and shape retention. Lycra is also a sustainable fiber, coming from dextrose derived from corn. The recycled plastic bottles comes as repreve® polyester fibers which helps reduce further petroleum and water usage. It also offers thermal and water wicking properties, as well as cushioned support. Any product that is printed is done digitally rather than through screen printing, which reduces water, waste and electrical usage. The fabric base for printed styles is regen®, a polyester yarn made with recycled plastic bottles. All liners in Tropic of C’s swimwear is biodegradable (a bioplastic derived from tree pulp).

Tropic of C also pays attention to their packaging, using recycled polyester for woven labels within each garment, bamboo for hang tags, and a biodegradable garment bag. They use stone paper envelopes which are made from calcium carbonate, which helps save trees, uses no water, only require 15% of the energy usage and has 67% less carbon emissions. A bio-based polymer and plant materials are used instead of plastic poly for all mailers.

The mission of sustainability is only one awesome part of this brand. Tropic of C is also working to empower women all around the globe by commissioning products from artisans and through support of mothers2mothers to help end HIV. After all, Tropic of C is made up of a team of working mothers, themselves.

I’m not usually attracted at all to brands promoted by celebrities, with their face usually being the only marketing needed to drive sales. I’m loving that Candace is doing her part to take this a step further and make her brand more meaningful in regards to helping us becoming a whole lot more planet friendly. Props to her!

Here are several eco friendly swimwear pieces from Tropic of C that stood out to me, as they appear on one of my favorite shopping destinations, REVOLVE.

“Nature is our ultimate muse, creating our distinct approach to color, texture and pattern. Each piece is crafted with love and respect for the planet.”

“TROPIC OF C is a brand with purpose, partnering with like-minded people to make a positive impact on the environment & beyond. This vision is realized through our core values of sustainability, empowerment, community and quality”

“For us it starts with the fabric. We continually research and incorporate sustainable textile developments into our collections. by prioritizing recycled materials and methods that reduce water and energy, we are able to decrease our environmental footprint.”

econyl® – the majority of our swim styles are produced using this regenerated nylon fiber. econyl® gives a second life to discarded waste while helping to clean up our planet. made from 100% recycled materials like fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastics rescued from landfills and oceans all over the world.”

“Part of our sustainable vision is to create pieces that last. Lycra xtra life™ is a fiber technology designed to fight against fading from heat and chlorine while also providing incredible shape retention, compression and flexibility.”

repreve® – a high-performance polyester fiber made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. repreve® offsets the use of new petroleum, meaning fewer greenhouse gases and greater water and energy conservation. beyond its sustainability this fabric has inherit properties such as wicking, thermal regulation and cushioned support.”

“Our ethos extends to how our products are presented, packaged and shipped. we carefully source materials that are renewable, biodegradable or decrease water and energy consumption. small details that make a difference.”

“we create partnerships and programs that support women around the globe. from commissioning products from artisan groups in the developing world to our commitment to organizations like mothers2mothers, female empowerment is central to our mission.”

“we are a team of working mothers who want to make a difference in our work and the lives we touch. our customers are the heart of our community, inspiring us to make women feel confident on the beach and beyond.”

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