Edge Up Your Workout Style with Koral Activewear

It’s definitely been more of a challenge these days to stay fit while sheltering in place. I’m definitely a gym rat, so it’s affected me a whole lot, but I’ve gotten creative with weights at home and HIIT sessions with Insanity. During my days at the gym pre-COVID, I was lucky to build up my own kind of motivation to keep up my game based on…well, feeling on top of my game, but it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without proper activewear. In the beginning, I didn’t care about workout style…I was grabbing anything cheap I could find at Ross. However, over time, once I established my routine and momentum, I also built up my favorite, higher-end wardrobe. This wasn’t just for style, but also comfort, ease of movement, sweat management…and just for the fun factor. It really can be motivating and confidence-building to break a sweat with a little attention to your workout style and some fun new pieces!

Koral Activewear is a brand I’ve had my eyes on for awhile, but I actually have yet to lay my hands on one of their items. Unfortunately, they are a little out of my price range during these tough times, but I’m still admiring their collections from afar, especially with the selections at Revolve and Shopbop. I figured, for those who are trying to find motivation to work out while sheltering in place, why not share a few of my favorite pieces? I noticed that even if nobody’s watching, doing myself up energizes me and brings me motivation to get things done. So if you’re struggling with staying fit right now, maybe try a new workout style with some of these awesome new pieces from Koral Activewear! Or at least, maybe these will give you a little inspiration. Personally, I’m digging the Lustrous High Rise Infinity Leggings above!

Browse more from Shopbop here, and Revolve here.

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