Edgy and Flirty Night Out Looks by LPA at Revolve

I love dressing up to go out. Honestly though, I haven’t been out much lately, due in part to being so exhausted from the work week. When I do go out nowadays, it’s because I have a DJ gig, am supporting a friend’s gig or I’m somewhere seeing a favorite musician or band perform. In any circumstance where I find an opportunity to hit the town, I always like dressing on the darker side. Black is my taste, along with other dark colors: olive green, burgundy, and other earthy tones. Actually, this is pretty much me all the time, but I like to have a little extra fun when I go out with edgier and more unique pieces that I don’t often see just anywhere else. I also love to see how other people with similar tastes adorn themselves, especially at rock or metal shows, or clubs that cater mostly to the alternative crowd.

When I shop for these unique pieces to wear out, I usually prefer shopping at smaller retailers, both for the higher chance of finding something original and also to help support the independent designers. However, in most cases, I’ll go after anything that I know will go a long way in my wardrobe or help spark my creativity or desire for self expression. I stumbled across LNA at Revolve, one of my favorite online retail stops, and I’m really digging their new pieces. I noticed that lace-up pants are fairly big in the party circuit right now (or at least in online shops that target that demographic), so their take on this trend was one of the first things to catch my eye. I also absolutely love all of their PVC and leatherette looks, and fun ’80s inspired items you’d find at a discotech, like those silver shorts! I might like dark, but I love whimsical party-oriented pieces of all shades as well! That menswear-inspired tube top above is now on my coveted list as well, and I LOVE that red faux fur coat below. Scroll on for my favorite items from LPA that I wouldn’t mind filling up my closet with!

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