Edgy Street Style Looks from One Teaspoon

Sometimes it’s tough being a blogger and looking for new things to write about if you don’t totally align with “trends” or whatever is thrown at you in the industry as the “new hot look” or silly, petty projections and focuses such as “are skinny jeans dead?” I mean, who cares? And, really? I find it fascinating that these so-called “guidelines” exist in a world that has always pushed the idea that fashion is all about breaking the rules. No, skinny jeans aren’t dead (I don’t care either way), and trends do nothing but help people feel like they “fit in” in such an overstimulating world. I have always gravitated to those who wear what they want, who aren’t afraid to flaunt their own style, and who love experimenting with different looks, and I also admire brands who encourage us to do the same. Edgy street style is always an “oooh” factor for me as well.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I consider myself to be more on the “dark” or “edgy” side of the style spectrum, as those colors I find myself the most comfortable in. It also is super fun to see how much you can style up a range of shades that most people see as colorless (don’t get me wrong, when I’m at festivals, I do bust out a bit into the brighter colors as I’m usually more playful in those environments). I like to focus a lot more on textures, unique cuts and finishes, and fits that flatter in the darker or more “earthy” color realm. But that’s just me…I appreciate anything and anyone that’s different. One Teaspoon is one of my favorite brands that fit into my way of thinking style-wise, and I love looking through their website for inspiration. Of course, like any brand, they work off of current style trends a little bit, but I love the way they interpret them. Even the looks that I wouldn’t ever catch myself wearing, like the Blush Prophecy Jumpsuit below, are a breath of fresh air to me because it’s simply unique, and fits in with the brand’s narrative. This brand never seems afraid to push the limits on style and I absolutely love it.

Some see this urge to be “different” as some kind of an ego stroke, but I just simply prefer these looks, as they pop more to me. Edgy street style, while some is a little over the top for me, is often my focus, and I’m loving One Teaspoon’s current new arrivals which, as usual, encapsulate that aesthetic perfectly.

Here are several new looks from One Teaspoon’s collections. While some individual pieces are already no longer available, I am just loving the rebellious styling and high contrast photography as well.

One Teaspoon - Double Bass Bandit Shorts

Image: One Teaspoon. Double Bass Bandit Denim Shorts (Tee sold out, similar HERE)

One Teaspoon - Vegan Leather Pini Dress

Image: One Teaspoon. Vegan Leather Pini Dress (Tee sold out, similar HERE)

Shop more new arrivals from One Teaspoon here.

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