Empowering Women and Local Artisans with Nanette Lepore

I’m not usually all that into designer goods…unless you count premium denim and super talented yet small-scale independent artists off Etsy or elsewhere…I guess technically that’s all classified as “designer” goods since it’s all higher quality with more attention to detail and less mass-production (and much of it is sustainable). However, traditional designer goods, although beautiful to look at, aren’t always all that practical for my wallet or lifestyle. I kind of see it like high couture: beautiful art pieces to admire and ooh and ahhh at, even though I might never own a piece (but who knows, right?). I don’t abhor prices, as I know what often goes into creating most of these brands. Every now and then though, a popular designer pops out to me as something special, whether it’s the designs or ethical practices. One in particular is Nanette Lepore.

Nanette Lepore’s pieces alone are uniquely beautiful. To me, they pull inspirations from a mix of Victorian, boho, and maybe even a little bit of ’70s psychedelia with uniquely amazing patterns, cuts and fabrics. Everything is so classically gorgeous, and she makes enough dark, sultry and lacy pieces to keep my attention. I’m definitely not a fan of a lot of pastel or bright girly colors or frills! Nanette Lepore is “driven by her passion for a good party and her tenacious commitment to quality craftsmanship.” Sounds kind of like I would be if I was a designer, actually. Born in Ohio to an “eccentric modern artist and a stylishly smart schoolteacher,” Nanette spent much of her childhood traveling across the country with her parents in a VW bug. She went from sewing gowns for her neighbors out of sheets to a powerful fashion empire, after marrying a painter and continuing on with her taste for bohemian style before settling in New York City.

The mission behind Nanette’s brand consists of two important items: Empowering women and quality, ethical craftsmanship. She designs pieces for the women who is, or wants to feel “serious and feminine – strong and sexy.” She also built her empire in a male-dominated industry, so she feels it is important to pass on her knowledge in taking risks to peruse a passion to other aspiring women. She loves dressing strong gals, whether it’s for a job interview or to look fierce out on the town! As far as her commitment to local craftmanship, I’ll just leave this here:

“We craft each original design in our New York City atelier, taking care to perfect the fit and paying close attention to the slightest details. We indulge in the creative process, adding intricate embellishments and painting variations by hand. We manufacture our clothing within 5 blocks of our studio. We are a vibrant and essential piece of the urban fabric around us and we maintain an untouchable loyalty to the highly skilled artisans with whom we collaborate.”

Everything about Nanette Lepore is beautiful to me…it’s on the top of my list of favorite designer brands that don’t seem to carry around the stereotypical designer air around them. Here are some of my favorite pieces from Shopbop below!

“Nanette’s mission: To create compelling high quality product with impeccable craftsmanship for the woman who’s serious and feminine – strong and sexy.”

“We’re known for our bold colors, gorgeous prints, and feminine flair. Nanette’s design theory is simple: make something beautiful. Then add one special detail that elevates the look. Something intricate yet modern – sexy. The perfect pieces for the special moments in our lives.”

“As a woman who started her business in a male dominated industry, Nanette knows how to take a risk and pursue a passion. She’s heard from thousands of fans that say her suits were their secret weapon on a job interview or their feminine battle armor on their first day at work. She knows how to dress strong women on the rise. She’s lived it.”

As you can imagine, the empire behind Nanette Lepore is pretty huge…so here are other great items to shop if you so desire!

Visit Nanette Lepore’s website to shop or learn more about the brand here.

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