Fair Trade Leather Footwear by Oliberté

Fair Trade Leather Footwear by Oliberté

Image: Oliberté

For some reason this Fall, as the California weather FINALLY turned a bit cooler, I’ve thought more about the outdoors than sitting in all cuddly inside. Maybe it’s because we’re finally over our scorching hot October, but it’s been so nice getting some rain finally and seeing some green in them hills! Sometimes I’m a little jealous of those in the midwest or East coast where it’s green and beautiful all the time. Either way, getting outdoors is something all of us should do a heck of a lot more often. I have my fun, nice indoor-ish shoes, and my rugged outdoor shoes…but not a whole lot in between that would be perfect for those adventurous drives up the coast, through the mountains, or hanging out around a cabin in the woods. You could count my running shoes, but what’s the fun in that? You can spend forever shopping around for something stylish but rugged, but for awhile now I’ve had my eyes on the awesome fair trade leather footwear by Oliberté.

Oliberté was established in 2009, and is a sustainable brand that supports workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Like what often comes with super earth- and human-conscious brands, their products are of superior quality and everything comes with a lifetime warranty! Oliberté went from being a small brand partnering with factories and suppliers in Africa, to launching their own Ethiopian factory in 2012, to becoming Fair Trade Certified™ in 2013. They believe strongly in treating every global employee with respect, and Africa was chosen for the brand’s manufacturing and supply chain because they are on a mission to help each country within the continent grow and support their people. Fair Trade factories provide safe places of employment for people to support their families, and profits from every product are re-invested back into creating more factories and more jobs for others who live in poverty. Jobs allow adults to work, which allows children to attend school, keeping the generational cycle alive and well!

Oliberté uses premium hormone-free and free-range cow and goat leather from Ethiopian tanneries, with the main tannery having the world’s only chrome-recycling system. Natural rubber comes from Liberia, South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Any machines used are sourced in South Africa or within the continent whenever possible. Even fabric tags on products are made in Mauritius and all fabric used for bags is sourced locally. As far as quality goes, every shoe has over 1,000 stitches and meticulous handcrafted detailing. Oliberté is also a Certified B Corporation, are backed by the African Wildlife Foundation, and are part of the 1% For The Planet movement!

If that’s not enough to make you at least start virtual window shopping this brand, I don’t know what is! I’m totally down to grab a pair for my next adventure. Here are my favorites:

“We believe in empowerment, transparency, and doing right by all. This means making premium quality products with a lifetime warranty, and it means treating every employee, everywhere in the world, with respect.”

“We source locally and try to use as sustainable and eco-friendly materials as much as possible. We limit packaging and don’t include any extraneous fluff.”

“We believe that with the right partners, each country within Africa has the means to grow and support its people. So that’s what Oliberté does – we work to create fair jobs and lead the charge for workers’ rights, supporting this effort.”

Fair Trade Leather Footwear by Oliberté - Lifestyle Image

Image: Oliberté

Shop Oliberté and discover a whole lot more about their incredible philanthropic and environmentally friendly efforts here!

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