FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black Review on Denimology

FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black Review on Denimology - Front Angle View

FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black Review on Denimology

No matter how many jeans a girl has in her closet, a good black jean is a must! I have several black jeans, and this classic staple was definitely one of those things I was sure I’d only need one of, considering it’s a flat wash with no fading, generally. But I pretty much had a big eye opener when I saw how many variations of black jeans you could find. When the wash is a consistent factor, you tend to focus more on the other aspects: fabric weight, fit, stretch…and with the release of the super-soft, slick, fadeless black business-dress-worthy jeans from DSTLD that I reviewed I was convinced I’d entered a whole new realm in the world of premium denim. My first pair of black jeans that I grabbed was from Big Star, and my first intention was for them to be strictly dress jeans (partly because I was afraid to wash them). But for this review, I got a nice casual black pair to share with you, that are already getting a LOT of day-to-day use! So, here is a FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black review!

FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black Review on Denimology - Side View

FIGI Jeans is one of the newest brands I’ve ever reviewed! Born this year, in 2014. Designer and creative director Diane Carleton was inspired by contemporary artwork, and with her twenty-plus years of designing denim fits, she was compelled to combine the two. In fact, each collection in her line of denim is inspired by a different artist! But of course, no denim brand goes very far without a good fit, and Diane definitely didn’t let that important aspect slip through her fingers. Right now, the brand is built around two fits: The Muse, which is a low rise skinny fit, and The Artist, which is a relaxed, straight leg fit.

I was sent The Muse in black. I loved how perfectly sleek yet laid back these jeans were right out of the shipping box! They are black, but not as jet-black as my Big Stars or DSTLD jeans, so I’d say they are a nice everyday casual black jean. I got them in my usual size 26, and the fit was definitely a good one. I don’t need a belt or anything with these. The Muse is a low rise skinny, as mentioned before, nice and tight down to the ankle. It might be a low rise, but it definitely feels more of a mid-rise to me…it sits over my curvier hits really well and although it did stretch out about a half of a size, it still fits well enough to wear all day without the assistance of a belt! Sometimes I have to tug them up a little but it’s not often or irritating. They are pretty comfortable! I like the length, which hits just at my ankle, but I really like rolling it up twice to create a cute cropped look. I mean, it has been over 100 degrees here in San Luis Obispo, but I really like the look with these jeans! I’ve worn them a lot, and I haven’t rolled them back down. They aren’t really heavy jeans either, so I wasn’t dying in them in these unusually hot October days.

FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black Review on Denimology - Cropped

All rolled up!

The FIGI Jeans The Muse Skinny in Black are nice and sleek, so you definitely COULD dress them up if you wish! I don’t want to put a limit on their possibilities or purpose. As a black jean, they are a great staple, and they don’t have any back pocket designs or embellishments so they could go with absolutely anything in your closet. As mentioned, it’s been super hot out here, so I’ve worn them with various boy tanks and sandals, and I liked how they looked with a chambray shirt the other day! No matter what, I’m sure these will not disappoint if you want a pair of everyday black jeans that could also take you out to a hot date after work.

The FIGI Jeans online store will open November 7th, so check back here for a shop link!

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