Finding My Fit with Fitcode

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Step 1

Step 1 – Fit Quiz

Finding My Fit with Fitcode

Recently I posted about Fitcode, a revolutionary new way to find your perfect pair of jeans online! We all know how difficult it can be to find that fit even if you are trying jeans on in person, so shopping online can be a nightmare. Fitcode has emerged to solve that problem by offering a simple five-question quiz which then uses and algorithm to assign you your own unique number, which then coordinates with an impressive, lengthy list of jeans that will best fit your body type. As I mentioned in my previous post, Fitcode was founded by former models Rian Buckley and Bri Cooley, who personally hand-measure jeans so you can be sure they will be a perfect fit when they show up as your results! You can even install a Fitcode browser plugin which will allow you to shop select retailers, like Nordstrom for example, with your Fitcode number placed over your ideal jeans as you shop. I was contacted by the company and was given an opportunity to go through the process for myself, and was sent the jeans that I settled on as a result, and I’d have to say, it was pretty dang spot on! I have a curvier shape which often results in jeans gapping in the back, so I landed on the high rise Citizens of Humanity Rocket jeans which I absolutely love! I have been wearing them a lot lately! Fitcode is currently in their beta stage, but are growing fast already. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve last checked out my selections, when I believe there were six available brands to choose from. Upon checking back now, the brand selection has expanded to eight, showing just how dedicated and meticulous these two ladies are with their research to make sure this will become the solution for online denim shopping for years to come!

Here is a rundown of the process and my personal experience!

The initial multiple choice quiz, shown above, is so quick and easy. It simply calculates your proportions, by asking you about your level of curve and type of booty, thighs and leg length, with each option including a suggestion how jeans normally fit you to make it easier to make your selections. The last question is pretty genius, and is constructed to both help you as well as help expand Fitcode‘s data by asking you to enter in your favorite denim brand and your usual size and inseam within that brand! So far I saw no ambiguity with these options and everything was pretty spot on with my body shape and personal experiences.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Quiz Result

After the quiz – My Fitcode!

After I hit finish after the quiz, I was presented with my own personal Fitcode number which explained my physique to a T! I noticed it also provides an option to go back and retake the quiz if you are not happy with your results.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - fit quiz results

Results from my fit quiz

After closing the quiz results, I got to see the fruits of the quiz algorithm’s labor, with all of the jeans suggested to me. The beauty of this is that you can sort between brand, size, color, style, inseam and price. Since I love skinny jeans, I chose “Slim/Skinny” in the “style” field, and I have been curious about trying out Citizens of Humanity again lately, so I picked the brand out from that appropriate dropdown. I really am horrible at making a selection, being as obsessed with denim as I am, so it took me awhile to narrow it down! I was first eyeing a pretty frayed hem version of the Rocket jean with a bleached dot pattern throughout it, and I wavered between that and some of the distressed styles of the Rocket and the Racer jean (which is a low rise jean). Finally I settled on going without distressed, and looking for a clean, quality, classic high rise that would last me for years to come. As I looked up reviews for the Rocket jean online out of curiosity and to help finally make my choice (not because I doubted Fitcode‘s results, I’m just, again, obsessive like that), I spotted a few images of Rihanna wearing the Rocket in Manic, looking quite fabulous! Her body shape is similar to mine, so this is the style I settled with!

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - picking a jean

Picking a jean

One other brilliant feature on Fitcode is the video available on each jean’s product page, which allows you to see how it will fit someone with the same Fitcode number as you.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Video

Video: Denim in Action

I also played around with the Chrome browser plugin, shopping on some of the brand’s individual websites as well as Nordstrom, seen below:

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Nordstrom

Viewing Jeans on Nordstrom with Fitcode browser plugin

The ladies at Fitcode were awesome and generous enough to send me my chosen pair, and here they are! Perfect fit! I’ve worn them many times and they stay put. They’ve conformed to my body and softened up after being initially pretty snug, but the stretch is incredible and I feel so hot in them! I am often wary, but remain open, about high rises…but everything great I’ve heard about the Citizens of Humanity Rocket jeans is spot on. They are a new favorite! I’ve worn them many times already and they have not stretched out.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Front

The wash on these jeans is gorgeous! It’s not quite as blue as it appears on the Citizens of Humanity website, but the detailing really sets it apart from many of the jeans in my collection. There is no label on the outside pockets, which I know many people like in a nice clean pair of jeans (I don’t really mind either way), only a very small dark blue brand label on the back of the waistband and a tag nearby on the right side.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Left Side

The 9″ rise tucks everything in so well and really shows off your curves, and the pockets are the right size and placed just right for a butt lifting effect. The skinny leg tapers down like a second skin to a 10 1/4″ leg opening but they are just stretchy enough to easily be put on and taken off. That to me is pretty impressive, considering the fabric is a 98% Cotton 2% Polyurethane blend. These emanate the vintage 100% quality without the stiffness! I know there are folks out there who don’t like the stretchy jeans out there on the market, and since these are mostly cotton and thicker while still being pretty soft, I could see them lasting for a long, long time, both in durability and styling possibilities.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Back

These jeans have a 31″ inseam but I like to wear them cuffed at the ankle for a slight cropped style and a little extra flair! There are also cropped styles of the Rocket but I like having the option to wear them full length or rolled.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Right Side

I also like that they have such a timeless vintage vibe to them…I don’t often really like lighter colored jeans as much as the darker ones because darker skinnies are usually more slimming on me, but these seriously stand out in a way that is hard to explain and the wash is something else which gives them some ohh la la edge…let the photos do the talking!

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Front Angle

For this review I cropped my top a bit so you could see the entire jean, but they fit comfortably with any length of top and are versatile and flattering enough to wear down the boardwalk or out on the town on a dinner date! Wear them with flip flops in the warm months and under boots in the colder months.

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Front Closeup

As mentioned, since these jeans could work all year round with any outfit and on any occasion, slim you down in an immensely flattering way and are constructed of a durable, thicker fabric blend that can please some of the more discerning denim fans out there, I’d say these are a great investment for anyone out on the market for a pair that will last and keep you feeling great!

Finding My Fit with Fitcode - Jeans Back Closeup

Overall, I am entirely impressed with the custom and personable quality of Fitcode, and I forgot many times that they were only in their beta stage! I can’t wait to see how far they go, and how much more amazing and helpful this service will be once it enters its full-on launch. I will definitely be revisiting! The next generation of shopping online for denim is here…and Fitcode is leading the pack!

Read an exclusive interview with Rian and Bri at The Jeans Blog here!

Run over and take the quiz for yourself at Fitcode, here! If you love the Citizens of Humanity Rocket in Manic and want to jump the gun to a purchase, you can do so here, but I’d suggest going through the motions at Fitcode just to be sure, and…duh, because it’s awesome.


  1. Allegra McCullough June 27, 2015 / 3:36 am

    Great guide.

    • Lana June 27, 2015 / 6:49 pm

      Thanks cuz! xoxo

  2. Lorna June 29, 2015 / 8:12 am

    Lana you look amazing in those! Aren’t the Rocket just amazing? They fit you well and the Maniac wash is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of the ones I have in Aura! So pretty!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Lana June 29, 2015 / 9:29 am

      Thank you so much Lorna!!! These are definitely so awesome! As mentioned I’m not much of a high rise gal but these are just too cool and now one of my favorites! Manic does look a lot like Aura hehe, both gorgeous washes ๐Ÿ˜€ Actually I read one of your reviews to see what you thought of them before I settled…I was so close to getting Stage Coach! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

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