Five Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks

Image: GhostCircus.

I’m sure many of us are seeing more and more ads everyday from brands dropping pricing to keep afloat during these trying times…even though most people are shifting their shopping habits from wants to needs. It’s truly a time to redefine what really matters, and for some, to reinvent ourselves. I’ve seen a lot of patterns floating around for those who can sew and create face masks, even though debate seems to be rolling on about their true effectiveness. Either way, what we do know is that they at least help slow the spread for those who may be carrying COVID-19 and not know it, or are showing some symptoms and need to leave the house for a good reason. Whatever you believe in, I feel it’s better than nothing, right? They are sold out just about everywhere, so like wartime, people all over are stepping up to the plate to do their part, including several independent brands who are most at risk of facing financial hardship and care about giving back.

Here are several of my favorites who are creating face masks to help stop the spread of this pandemic, while keeping their fun iconic styles intact.

GhostCircus Apparel

Created by Eli James in Hollywood, this brand sticks out to me due to his ties to several of my favorite rock and industrial bands. However, I’m an avid supporter also due to his hard work and beautiful craftmanship! Eli and his wife Tara have done extensive research with hospitals to learn what was most needed in a mask, and produced a line of 100% premium cotton jersey washable masks to keep us all stylishly protected. These are all handmade and designs are limited run, so grab one or a few at $10 a piece while you can. I have a pair and love them! Due to a huge amount of support, they’ve been able to donate hundreds to firefighters, clinics and others in their community. Rock on!

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - GhostCircus

Image: GhostCircus.


Known for their sustainable denim (I’ve written about them several times, for denim and non-denim items), this awesome brand has also created their own line of cute masks. In fact, they’ve already sold out, although a waitlist is available. So if you’re interested, sign up while you can. They are non-medical, but reusable, made from 100% cotton.

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - Reformation

Image: Reformation.


I’ve been a fan of the creator of this brand for awhile, who originally owned Damascus Apparel. This line of super dark futuristic apparel is totally eye catching and stylish, and these face masks the brand is offering are created with black cotton with replaceable PM2.5 carbon cotton filters. Perhaps the best part is for each sold, one will be donated to The San Diego Homeless Daycenter.

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - Neo4ic

Image: Neo4ic.

Electro Threads

For my raver or festival-goer readers out there, you know who these guys are. Known for their gorgeously bold and colorful apparel for the best of parties, these masks are definitely made for those with creative senses. Just like everything else on their website, these masks feature art from some of the festival world’s best. Although not medically certified, they are all made from moisture-whicking, anti-microbial micropoly fabric. The brand also offers two sizes: for adults or kids.


I just discovered Tonlรฉ, which is a small zero waste, ethical fashion brand providing jobs to Cambodians. These cute masks come in a pack of 10 with a current wait time of 3 weeks, as they are also in high demand. They are being sold at cost which is definitely a bold and awesome move to help the cause. These masks are created with comfortable organic white cotton t-shirt jersey which is recommended by the CDC as an alternative when respirators are not available. They also promise a great fit and coverage.

Independent Apparel Brands Producing Face Masks - Tonle

Image: Tonlรฉ.

Do you know of any more brands shifting production to face masks? Share in the comments! I’ll also be making more posts as more come to my attention.


  1. Jeff Hall June 24, 2020 / 6:43 am

    Can you tell me where these various masks are made?

    • Lana June 24, 2020 / 5:24 pm

      Hi Jeff, everything here is handmade by their respective companies here in the USA. Click on through to each of them to see their specific root cities ๐Ÿ™‚

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