Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt - Side View

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt

Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE eBay? After craving a cobalt blue leather slouchy bag for awhile and lamenting the fact that the cobalt blue Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote sold out years ago (and dreading the retail price), I finally found this rare gem on a spur-of-the-moment auction search! Funny enough, it was not long after I posted about my favorite color of the season (Cobalt, of course) and mentioning this bag was on my wish list for quite some time. I’ve seen the smaller Disco City Clutch and Lady Tote in cobalt on eBay for a much higher price, but I had my eyes set on the Mid City Tote! About 7 years ago, I helped maintain a site for a boutique called Blue Bee in Santa Barbara, California, and it was through this job that I first discovered the Anna Corinna brand, before it became Foley & Corinna. At first I hated the look of the bag, but somehow it grew on me and it’s been on my radar ever since, especially after it got a bit of an appearance upgrade. And now it’s mine, all mine!

I love how functional this bag is. I’ve been a fan of the convertible slouchy hobo/tote style for a long time, with the fandom further solidified when I acquired my black leather Coach Zoe (yes, also an eBay score). This can be worn upright as a tote, stuffed to the brim, or folded over as a shoulder bag or crossbody. I live for versatility and this bag nails it, and it is so SOFT. With an interior zipper, two exterior zippers, an interior cell phone pocket and adjacent larger pocket and its large size, this bag fits all my workweek needs (and the interior pockets and zip pocket are topped off with the same deep blue leather that’s on the outside). At first I was worried the blue would be hard to style, but it’s dark enough that it fits with most outfits…and I always include something black with everything I wear so that helps. But yeah, I’m hooked. I have the smaller Disco City for weekends or nights out on the town (yeah, from eBay again. See a pattern here?), and love it. Maybe at some point I’ll go on the prowl for the Mid City in Whiskey, or the sold-out Cognac or Terracotta…all beautiful shades of dark tan. Or, maybe a burgundy, plum or dark red. I LOVE this brand! It seems I’m sold on it, and Coach (as long as it’s a leather bag), for good. Durable, functional, and beautiful.

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt - Front View

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt - Side View 2

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt - Side View 3

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt - Side View Closeup

Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote in Cobalt - Detail View

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  1. Jennine June 10, 2014 / 10:14 am

    Oh wow, great find! I’m an ebay junky too… it’s so fun to find random pieces… and I have a good feeling cobalt is becoming a neutral (meaning: essential part to every wardrobe).

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