Four New Innovative Denim Brands

Four New Innovative Denim Brands

I guess by now these aren’t “new,” per se, but in the grand scheme of things they’ve popped up pretty recently (or I’ve just caught wind of them) and it’s always worth noting how creative denim brands are getting as the market becomes more saturated and competitive. As mentioned a few times in past posts, I’m always surprised at how much you can do with a pair of jeans…once you think you’ve seen it all, someone else breaks the mold. This is why I love and am fascinated with the denim industry! No two pairs, or brands, are alike, and the concept of taking something one might think is so basic and expanding it into a limitless range of possibilities is an awesome (and quite addicting) one. It certainly makes me wish I could start my own denim brand…technically I could, but at the same time, I want to do *everything* (kind of limits my allotment of available time quite a bit). So without much further ado, here’s four new brands that have caught my attention lately.


The brand above is UK brand Bethnals, who has quite an interesting story. They define themselves as “a new revolution of style undefined by gender. Inspired by fit, detail and the diverse cultural hub that is London.” Basically, Bethnals creates unisex jeans! You’d think with fit being different for men and women, that this couldn’t be possible, but they’ve somehow managed it. But they do have a point: “Never before has there been more desire in the industry to go back to basics – this is what Bethnals is all about – simple, fuss-free denim that speaks volumes without the need to be over-styled.” This is a concept that many brands, denim and not denim, are adopting, as simple and “less is more” speaks louder with everyone trying to top each other. The cool thing is that each denim piece from Bethnals is indigo selvedge, feeding to the ultimate denim collector’s taste. The fabric on some pieces is made up of “Italian power stretch denim,” ranging in variations of 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 2% Elastane and 10.5oz or 11oz Comfort stretch for retention of form, and others are 100% cotton pure indigo selvedge rigid denim, with no embellishments or any gender-defining qualities which makes for a truly basic jean that fits your specific preferences whether you are male or female. Shop Bethnals here!


Thanks to celebrities like Nicki Miniaj and Kim Kardashian, some are moving way past the days inspired by Twiggy and are chasing a curvier shape for themselves, with a more ample derriere. There are already many types of padded undergarments on the market but one denim brand, also in the UK, has taken it upon themselves to apply these kinds of enhancements to jeans. British retailer Debenhams already owns a good name for themselves, both with general apparel and accessories, and with denim, but their new Jasper Conrad Shape Enhancing Jeans gets the spotlight here. According to the Daily Mail, these jeans add up to two inches to your behind. At only £45, it appears these are already gaining traction to those who crave an instant butt lift! Debenhams states, “Whether your’re looking to trim that tum or boost your bum, our range of shape enhancing jeans gives classic denim a thoroughly modern twist.” Shop these jeans here.

Dish Jeans

I’ve already seen many kickstarters for jeans made for cyclists, but I haven’t seen any for women until I spotted Dish Jeans. The brand actually manufactures denim for all kinds of active bodies, and are another brand that has combated the rise in activewear over denim by including stretchy, form fitting active denim that move with you (a la yoga jeans). They also have innovated L2X%reg; denim that helps regulate your temperature using Coolmax® denim that whicks away moisture and keeps you cool! This is integrated into their cycling jeans, so you can enjoy your daily commute without worry of sweating it out before you get to that important meeting. Dish Jeans was born and raised in Vancouver and is 35 years old, recently taking on new partners in NYC to take the brand to the next level and “reinvent the denim category.” Shop Dish jeans here!

Poetic Justice Jeans

It’s definitely a transformative time in the fashion world, especially with denim, in terms of improving ranges of sizes and realizing that size and shape are not the same thing! Several brands have released curvy models, such as J Brand’s Lovestory flare, Joe’s Jeans’ Honey bootcut, and 7 For All Mankind’s Kimmie. Poetic Justice Jeans is a whole new brand dedicated to fitting everyone and anyone. They don’t only focus on sizing, but also to fit your shape. Sizes range from 4-22 and “are on your side, and your thighs, and your hips.” With free shipping over $50 and a collection of basic jeans, hipster jeans, fashion jeans, destroyed jeans and shorts in a huge variety of washes and lengths, I think Poetic Justice has gotten something going here and has done an amazing job addressing an often-ignored side of the fashionistas around us. These jeans aren’t even overly stretchy, at 2% elastane and 98% cotton, so they appear to have the durability factor down as well. Read more about the brand at eurweb, and shop the line here!


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