Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review

It’s been almost two years since I last wrote about Fran Denim, and I’m glad to see them still going strong! It’s great to see such a huge response in the denim industry for fits that are made for body shapes outside of the typical model type; more and more big names (and some new) are putting out collections fit for the curvy ones among us. However, there still isn’t a whole lot out there for athletic types, even though sometimes we can fit in the “curvy” demographic. I might not have a super muscular shape, and I do easily fit into most jeans on the market, but I am a gym rat (#ISquat), and many of those jeans I do fit in could definitely fit a little better. I have the larger bum and smaller waist which often leads to a least a slight waist gap, causing me to hike jeans up a few times throughout the day. Or, sometimes the waist is fine, but the legs don’t quite accommodate much muscle. I even have situations where the whole jeans do fit, thanks to stretch, but they are tighter in my more toned areas which still make them slide down or shift throughout the day. Enter Fran Denim…a true lifesaver! Read on for my review of the Fran Denim Kelly Crop—a new release!

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review - Left Side

In June of 2015 I reviewed the Sarah Skinny from Fran, and although it was a great jean, I still felt like I could size down another size. I had gone with my true size of 26, but I had forgotten that these aren’t like other jeans…you really do have to go by their size chart to get the right fit! For this new opportunity to review another pair, I paid a little closer attention to that, and a size 25 definitely looked to be a better decision. As soon as the Kelly Crop arrived at my door, my choice was justified! These beautiful blue jeans are made with a 91% cotton, 6% % polyester and 3% lycra fabric makeup, so they are stretchy, but the higher fabric content keeps them nice and sturdy to hug and flatter all that hard work from the gym! They have a nice mid 8.5” rise which feels higher than most of my jeans, but not too high…high enough to hold my hips in just below my natural waistline and stay put! Seriously these jeans have become a quick new favorite. I’ve worn them for about a week and a half straight, and although they have softened a bit like most jeans do, they have not bagged out and they still stay in place all day. In addition, I love the 27” inseam with the raw hem! Since it’s not quite warm enough, I’ve been wearing the hem under socks and boots, but Spring and Summer will be here before you know it and I love the way the cut-off hem makes my ankles feel so cool and freeeeee! The Fran Denim Kelly Crop is lightweight, breathable, and although they fit like a glove they are not restrictive and move with you at every degree, so they will lead me right into the warmer months just perfectly.

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review - Back Angle

I think it goes without saying that these jeans will go with anything or any occasion, and might even work for just about any shapely figure with a lower hip to waist ratio. If you’re a Crossfitter or bodybuilder, these are DEFINITELY for you! Just take a look at Fran Denim’s Instagram ( for reposts from happy customers if you aren’t sure. There are several ladies out there with far more muscle than me who now swear by the brand, and Fran also has a line for men! These jeans sit at a lower price than most of their premium likenesses, but really, I cannot tell any difference in the quality. As I said, these are a new everyday favorite and I’m sure they will be for a long time!

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review - Front Angle

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review - Back Detail

Fran Denim Kelly Crop Jeans Review - Fray Cuff Detail

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