Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Front View

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review

With the rising “strong is the new skinny” trend going on (although I hate calling it a “trend” as I believe healthy habits should be part of everyone’s daily routine), there’s been an increasing demand for denim that fits more athletic bodies. As I’ve written before, there’s also been a small influx of denim created to wear during activity, such as commuting by bicycle and even climbing. But for the hardcore athletes amongst us, like those who lift, it’s often hard to find denim that fits muscular bodies properly. A couple of years ago, Barbell Denim came onto the market, and most recently now, Fran Denim has been gaining ground. Created by a Crossfit enthusiast, these jeans are specifically made for women and men who are serious about their strength training or muscle building lifestyles! The face behind Fran Denim noticed my post about denim for athletic folks, and sent me along a pair to try! So here is my second denim review all on my own, apart from Denimology…for the Fran Denim Sarah Skinny!

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Back Angle View

The Fran Denim Sarah Skinny is your typical skinny jean, but with some serious curve built into it. As you can see from these photos, they hug me like cellophane! The Sarah Skinny comes in five numbered washes, ranging from black all the way to the medium blue stone wash shown here (FD1009). It’s a great no-frills wash with a little bit of whiskering and fading and contrast orange stitching. It has a 30″ inseam, 8.5″ front rise and 10″ leg opening, so it really is a true skinny. It has just a slight amount of stretch with a midweight, mostly cotton blend, so it has the durability factor to it that I feel would appeal greatly to those with a higher than average muscle mass! I initially worried that they would be difficult to put on but they had just enough stretch to slip up and over my shape. The only difficulty was my feet with the 10″ leg opening…but I have some very wide feet so that wasn’t a surprise! The fit was spot on with the waistband being tight enough to not gap in the back and accentuate my curves. The cut in terms of waist to hip ratio is amazing! The only thing fit-wise that I worried about is they felt just a tad loose under my bum in the back of the crotch, but I am pretty sure this is because, although I am pretty fit with above average muscle tone, I don’t do a lot of lifting so I probably just didn’t fill them out the way they are intended to be. Either way, they were still comfortably snug at first, but did stretch out a tiny bit after 2 days of wear leaving that spot a little baggier. The rest of the jean down the legs didn’t really stretch out at all although it did soften up. Still though, if I was a hardcore lifter like these are created for, I know this would not be an issue! I am generally not too bulky to find jeans that fit as you can see from the many other reviews I’ve done…I wear a wide range of fits and styles.

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Back Detail View

Personally, I’m a cardio queen (running and elliptical intervals) with a bit of Insanity and yoga mixed in here and there! If you are a bodybuilder, Crossfitter or lifter, I advise you to check out the models that represent the brand on Fran’s Facebook account or Instagram! They definitely demonstrate the way these jeans are meant to fit and look absolutely hot in them! I have yet to try a pair of Barbell jeans and hopefully I will soon, but I would say these are a GREAT choice if you usually have trouble finding the perfect jean because of your ultra muscley hips, thighs and calves.

Check out Fran Denim here, and if you like the ones I’m wearing, purchase them here!

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Front Angle View

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Fun View

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Back Closeup View

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Front View 2

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Side View

Fran Denim Sarah Skinny Jean Review - Back View


  1. Paul July 26, 2015 / 6:52 am

    Wow i love the fit o your great curves

    • Lana July 27, 2015 / 10:33 am

      Thank you Paul!

  2. Guillermina Delgadillo June 27, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    Just for reference, how tall are you?

    • Lana June 28, 2017 / 10:12 am

      Hi Guillermina, I am about 5′ 6″ 🙂

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