G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Review on Denimology

G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Review on Denimology - Front View 2

G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Review on Denimology

Hooray for G-Star! That’s all I have to say…these guys are so much fun. What would the denim world be without brands like this who constantly push the envelope and incessantly introduce new, edgy styles? You might remember my Type-C 3D Loose Tapered review from awhile back. One of my favorite styles out there is the motorcycle jean. I remember when I got my first one when the look blew up in the scene in the late 2000s, by Dylan George, and I’ve been hooked ever since (and actually took them on a few motorcycle rides myself). G-Star RAW just introduced an awesome rendition of the moto jean, and I am more than excited to get the chance to review it. So, here is a G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Elwood in Dark Aged review!

G-Star RAW began way back in 1989 with a philosophy of “Just The Product.” This simple mission lead to their unique style of luxury denim with a street-style edge, as well as pushing the concept of raw, untreated denim as a coveted, wearable material. Their innovative views really led a precedence in denim technology and construction, as well as their focus on special washes and finishes that bring out the incredibly detailed characteristics of every finished product. Best of all, G-Star RAW understands the importance of environmental concerns, and uses organic cotton in all denim. They even partnered with singer Pharrell Williams recently to create a collection made entirely with recycled bottles found littering the world’s oceans, called RAW For The Oceans. G-Star RAW truly is top-notch, in more ways than one! The Elwood jean was introduced in 1996 by Pierre Morisset, head designer at G-Star RAW, when he observed a motorcycle pass by him with the rider’s pants being all muddy, damp and shaped by many hours of rough weather riding, keeping their shape even when the motorcyclist dismounted. He created the new line with the details he observed, creating a line of jeans in two fits for men, and one updated look for women, with a 3D knee construction (where a side seam crosses the knee towards the inner leg) and tonal stitching for a feminine yet edgy look. G-Star’s lead designer for women, Rebekka Bach says “The 3D denim construction makes this jean more elaborate and crafted. It’s a wardrobe staple to ‘tune up’ a super feminine blouse in gauze or silk. I love to start every season with the philosophy of endless possibilities in denim, which keeps us innovating.” Did I mention how much I admire G-Star? Denim with a story!!!

G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Review on Denimology - Back View

In both chances I’ve gotten to review a pair of G-Star RAW jeans, the quality is what has stood out the most. Not just in fit, or in looks, but in the denim itself, and the ridiculous attention to the aforementioned street-style detail. I think I can honestly say I have never seen that in any other denim brand. The G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Elwood in Dark Aged came to me in my usual size of 26, but I exchanged them for a 25 due to the hips and waistband feeling a little large. So if you choose to indulge yourself in these awesome jeans, size down! These come in your choice of a 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, or 36″ inseam, and these were sent to me in the 28″ which I think looks pretty hot for motorcycle jeans. The thick, durable-feeling denim blend (called Slander black Super Stretch) at 35% Lyocell, 35% Katoen, 28% Polyester and 2% Elastan is really soft, and it softened up even more as I wore them, without stretching out (they did stretch to fit me, but didn’t stretch any more). These were constructed for “super stretch-ability and excellent memory.” The tapered fit is meant to have a dropped crotch and low waist—this is how it fits me if I don’t wear a belt, but if I hike them up and wear a belt, they stay put as a skinny jean normally fits. They fit fine without a belt, so I guess it’s cool to have both options! The pockets are a little loose, but I chalk that up to the style. The 3D knee construction is really cool…as well as other details such as the 1.5″ half-hem on the back of the cuffs, the impressive moto stitching on the thighs, the large, dropped back pockets with moto detailing on the bottom, black leather G-Star RAW logo patch on the back right of the waistband, and more. I hope all my photos capture these details properly, although no photo does anything justice it seems!

G-Star RAW 5620 Custom Slim Tapered Review on Denimology - Front View

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