G-Star RAW Unveils their Most Sustainable Jeans Ever

G-Star RAW Unveils their Most Sustainable Jeans Ever

Image: G-Star RAW

I’m so happy to see the huge strides being made for sustainability in the denim market! Awareness is growing, both with consumers and brands themselves, about how important it is to reduce the toxicity and wastefulness that is inherent in garment manufacturing. Denim is a nasty process, from the pesticides used in the cotton to the toxic chemicals and water wasted in the wash process that makes those pretty fades we love when we shop for the perfect pair of jeans. G-Star RAW has been one of the leaders in the industry. They’ve worked with Pharrell Williams a few years ago to convert plastic floating around in our oceans to beautiful apparel, created a documentary with i-D illustrating the impact of plastics consumption on our oceans, and created a collection of jeans using only natural dyes. Continuing to plough forward full steam ahead, the brand has now unveiled a collection featuring their most sustainable jeans ever.

The the Elwood RFTPi and the D-Staq RFTPi are two of G-Star RAW’s most iconic models of jeans, which were chosen to represent this groundbreaking release. By partnering with DyStar and Artistic Milliners, G-Star RAW has managed to come up with the cleanest indigo dyeing technology on the planet. Pre-reduced indigo is mixed with an organic liquid-based agent that nixes the need for Sodium Hydrosulphite, which is usually used inthe dyeing process. This means they are now using 70% less chemicals, 15% less indigo, and zero salts and sulphate bi-products, which also means all water used is reusable! G-Star RAW also worked with Saltex to wash and manufacture these products in their factories, using renewable energies and sustainable practices to allow for 98% of the water to be recycled and 2% to be evaporated naturally. No water is dumped! After the wash process, all jeans are hang-dried in the Saltex factory, which saves 85% energy.

This new sustainable denim collection from G-Star RAW is also made from the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold G-Star denim fabric. This certification is “the most rigorous certification in the world, critical to the next industrial revolution already on the way.” As stated from the brand, “With GOLD in material reutilisation, renewable energy, carbon management, water stewardship, social fairness and PLATINUM in material health, we achieved the first ever overall GOLD Certification for denim fabric in the world.”

All garments are also 98% recyclable! Jeans usually are difficult to recycle due to the zippers and rivets being complicated to remove. All zippers on G-Star RAW’s latest collection were replaced by eco finished buttons, and no rivets are to be found on any of these pieces. And of course, every item in this collection was made with 100% organic cotton. This means it is not only better for the environment in terms of pesticides, but it also requires 91% less water, 62% less energy, and produces 46% less of a carbon footprint.

These is all so incredible strides on its own, but G-Star RAW didn’t stop there. Details totally matter here! Instead of leather on their traditional brand labels, they used yakron patches made from responsibly sourced paper (FSC certified). The care label inside the garments are made from recycled polyester. Even the tags are FSC certified. I’m sure you’re familiar with those plastic bags that garments always come in when they are shipped to you. Well, those have been eliminated here, and all shipping boxes are FSC certified as well, made from responsibly sourced paper.

Here are just some of the beautiful denim pieces available from this new release!

G-Star RAW Unveils their Most Sustainable Jeans Ever - Promo

Image: G-Star RAW

Shop the entire collection of G-Star RAW’s most sustainable jeans ever, here!

Learn more of these amazing developments in more earth-friendly denim production on the brand’s interactive guide here, which also helps educate you on how to take good care of your garments so you can minimize waste and thus contribute to sustainability yourself.

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  1. Lorna February 21, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    When I first saw this it reminded me so much of Ian Berry and his denim artwork, almost identical with the flowers out of denim. Shame they didn’t ask him to collaborate on it! Love the concept though!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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