Gap Takes on Ethical and Sustainable Style with Generation Good

For so long, I was shifting my focus more to independent, slow fashion brands, because there were so many more of them doing their part to adopt more ethical and sustainable practices than the big, well-established retailers. However, lately the bigger ones are catching on as demand rises and shoppers realize how important it is to re-evaluate the way we leave our mark on this planet. Every step forward, big or small, is so important for the big picture, but seeing the brands with more power in the game changing their game is so refreshing to see. Some brands were established with more ethical and sustainable signs on the get go, like Alternative, Matt & Nat and Reformation, but I’ve seen fairly new efforts from Aerie, MOTHER denim, BLANKNYC and even H&M over the last few years. The latest to take things in a better direction is Gap!

Gap’s new Generation Good capsule collection is the brand’s most earth-friendly release yet, featuring two skinny jeans, shorts and several tees, as well as several pieces for men and kids, that were made with better materials, less water, less waste, lower emissions, and more support for workers. Everything is made with at least 20% preferred fibers, with a future goal of 100%. Along with these efforts, Gap has partnered with GiveBackBox to allow you to ship back your used and loved clothing to be donated to those in need. Gap has set a mission to save at least 20% of water usage and reduce harmful chemical usage through a strict set of rules. On the ethical side, the brand is working for better support for workers, through career and life skill education, increased dialogue between workers and management to address workplace issues, and making sure factories participate in the Supervisory Skills Training Program. It’s pretty impressive in terms of the details that Gap has laid down to be a more responsible manufacturer, and since it’s definitely too much for me to copy here, you should check it all out and read more on their Generation Good informational page here!

Check out these new eco-friendly, ethical pieces from Gap, and click on in to find more for kids and men as well. I hope this is truly is the beginning of much more responsible protocols for these bigger chain apparel brands!

“We believe style is circular. That’s why we obsess over every fiber, detail, and quality. Each piece is designed to last. Whether it’s in your closet or someone else’s. This is one of the many ways we all have to get involved to make real impact. By partnering with GiveBackBox, we’re working to create an easy path towards giving new life to clothes in a new closet.” Read more –>

“We know water is precious. That’s why we work to use less and less of it as we move forward in our washing and dying processes. Taking our Washwell program to Washbetter.” Read more –>

“Generation Good is about being clean by design. From how we create to who we create with. We choose partners who have that same mission at their core—eliminate emissions and implement renewable energy. The mills we produce Generation Good styles in must have participated and achieved Green House Gas emission savings through a Gap Inc. Recognized Efficiency Program.” Read more –>

“What we make our clothes with matters. And making clothes, by nature, has impacts. We dedicate ourselves to using better materials from our Preferred Gap Inc. Preferred Fibers List. We know no fiber is truly sustainable, but we will continue to strive for progress and improvement. At a minimum, we’ll use 20% preferred fibers in each garment. With the goal of reaching 100% in the near future.” Read more –>

“The people who make our clothes matter—and we’re continuing to find new ways to support workers who put so much care into every piece.” Read more –>

Shop ethical and sustainable apparel for women, men and kids through Gap’s Generation Good capsule collection HERE.

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