Get Into The Groove with the 70s Edit at Revolve

“’70s chic. It’s a thing.” I’m sure you’ve noticed, vintage styles have come back with a bang over the last few years. It seems the explosion of the popularity of music festivals and “boho style” certainly helped, but I prefer to stick with the idea that these classic styles simply re-emerged due to their versatility and timeless grace. Simplicity is often key in fashion, and less is almost always more. Maybe it’s the yearning for the golden days of yesteryear as we dive into more complex times, or just the realization that many of the fashions back then were definitely worth bringing back. Not only were they rooted in the notion of a free spirit, but they also captured femininity and playfulness. I personally love them, and they feel strangely nostalgic to me even though I wasn’t even around yet. Either way, I absolutely love ’70s style, whether we’re talking fashion or even home decor and architecture.

I know I feature collections and edits from Revolve and Shopbop a lot, but they are two of my most visited sites for blog inspiration. I also frequent them to see what’s up in the style world, and they often do a great job of bringing together so many beautiful pieces in these collections to represent different feelings and looks, from various types of events, themes or places in time. I usually prefer to wear darker pieces, but as summer is coming around, these pretty flowy items caught my eye from Revolve’s “How To Be a ’70s Girl” edit. When we think of ’70s style. I’m sure we all think of jumpsuits, flowy “flower child” pieces, tassels, and crochet, to name a few common characteristics of fashion back then. Revolve’s edit captures them all, and all of these pieces would be so perfect for vacations, festivals, pool parties and more! Here are my favorites, and there were several more where that came from! Many are already selling out fast, so be quick if something catches your eye too.

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