Get Moving with Zobha

Get Moving with Zobha

Image: Zobha

Get Moving with Zobha

Being the fitness buff that I am, I enjoy the athleisure side of the industry, even if it does often knock heads in competition with my beloved denim industry. However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that there are some seriously awesome designs out there…more so than ever, or so it seems. When I shop for pieces to sweat in, I’m not looking for anything special, just items that will stand the test of time and have a least a little bit of a stylistic appeal. But I don’t go designer, I go for the well known fitness brands like Asics, Fila, New Balance, and Puma. Designer pieces like these, by Zobha, to me are too pretty to be getting down and dirty in! I discovered Zobha on event-based sale site RueLaLa, where I scored a sweet jacket last week, and I’m in love. It has the perfect quality to wear every day and I can’t imagine wearing it to the gym or even on a hike, at all. This is the interesting part of the premium activewear industry…it really is bridging the gap between fitness and lifestyle. Everything here at Zobha I would wear everywhere other than the gym, except for the obvious pieces like bras, leggings, and some of the tops with built in bras (and even some of those I’d wear normally, as I wear shelf bra tops on weekends). I guess you could say I understand at least part of the competition now, even though I still don’t quite get the idea of wearing leggings everywhere. At least here with Zobha, I understand the everyday appeal of just about everything up top. How cool are these? They are so uniquely creative! Here are my favorites!

“Zobha’s new look pays tribute to a diverse array of women. Whether edgy, modern or urban, our contemporary pieces effortlessly infuse fitness and fashion into every lifestyle.”

“Offering a hybrid of high-tech performance and runway-inspired fashion, Zobha is poised to become a cross-over contemporary brand for the modern woman. Taking her straight from the gym to the runway in casual chic style.”

“As the first and only brand combining patented shape-optimizing technology with edgy, couture-inspired design, Zobha paves the way for fashion-forward fitness.”

“Our innovative style and attention to on-trend detail meets the needs of today’s modern woman who active in the worlds of both fitness and fashion.”

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    • Lana January 14, 2016 / 10:59 am

      For sure, I want them aaaalll! Haha 🙂

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