The Ghost In The Shell Collection by Hudson Jeans

The Ghost In The Shell Collection by Hudson Jeans

Image: Hudson.

I’ll have to admit, I’m not a huge movie person. I often have issues sitting still through more than an hour, even if the subject matter is interesting to me. All I can think of is everything I have going on (or could have going on) outside the theater! Being the dreamer I am, you’d think movies would be more my thing, but there have been many very memorable movies throughout my life that I can still sit through over and over again (Mirrormask being one). My husband has tried a few times to get me to watch Ghost In The Shell (being a bit of a nostalgic movie for him), but I never really understood the anime thing, as awesome as the whole culture appears to me. The whole thing looks awesome, and I appreciate the unique storyline and the sci-fi genre it fits in. Anything dark appeals to me, at least enough to catch my attention, and I was curious when I saw the new remake coming out on March 31! Of course, with all remakes, I will probably want to give it time to see how well it sits with the fans of the original, but since I’m not all that familiar with it, maybe I’ll think differently, seeing it with a completely open mind. Either way, I was kind of excited when I saw Hudson, one of my favorite denim brands, coming out with their own apparel collection inspired by the movie!

The last time I got excited about an apparel brand creating a collection for a new movie release was H&M’s collaboration with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo costume designer Trish Summerville. As mentioned, I like anything dark and edgy though, so whether or not I finally understand the hype behind Ghost In The Shell, I was still intrigued by the pieces Hudson released in honor of the film. Just about everything here is military inspired, with cargo pants and bomber jackets, joined with various shades of olive green, grey and black washes with destructed and moto details. The Ghost In The Shell collection by Hudson Jeans offers styles for both men and women and they are all so cool, that I couldn’t leave this post featuring only women’s styles! I normally only write for the ladies, but every so often there’s a men’s line I can’t refuse to share. Here are the best pieces from the collection (in my opinion), below!

See the entire Ghost In The Shell collection by Hudson Jeans, watch the movie trailers and enter an exclusive contest to win up to $1,000 worth of Hudson goods plus 2 tickets to see the film here (contest ends on April 30th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET)!

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