Giambattista Valli X 7 For All Mankind

Giambattista Valli X 7 For All Mankind

Giambattista Valli X 7 For All Mankind

I feel a little silly…this piece should have been written about ten days ago! At least, that’s when I received the newsletter from 7 For All Mankind announcing this awesome collaboration. I remember when I was a huge rock n’ roll buff, collaborations were the most exciting thing about the whole music scene to me…watching my favorite artists work together to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that would stick with me for years and years to come. Now that the fashion and style world is also a focus of mine, it’s just about as fun to see that happen with my favorite designers. As you might know by now, I blog mostly about denim, with a bit of independent artistry on the side…not a whole lot about high couture. Although some of those over-the-top fashion shows are extremely fascinating to watch due to the high level of creativity, it’s not totally my scene…I’m more of a contemporary fashion kind of girl. However, seeing Giambattista Valli collaborate with 7 For All Mankind is pretty noteworthy to me because it’s not really all that often that we see the laid back world of contemporary fashion, or premium denim in this case, meet the ultra fancy world of high couture. The result here is pretty awesome…pieces such as shirts, dresses and of course, denim, keep the same feel that we are used to seeing from 7 For All Mankind, with a extra classy touch that warrants being seen on a catwalk down one of the world’s most famous fashion shows. This collection offers a warm rainbow of high waisted coated skinnies, each with an “innovative and most seductive fabric” with “a polished, lacquered, lipstick look while rose gold buttons and lacquered labels” to “enhance the impeccable attention to detail,” as well as several splattered with eye-catching leopard, tiger or antelope animal prints that “fusion of Valli’s animalier motif and incredible stretch fabric” to “create a bold and sexy statement. An attention to cut and detail, from the lacquered labels to shiny black buttons enhance the emphasis on luxury and finish.” Also included in this collection are a few tops and a dress to round out a line from a collaboration that I’m sure will be talked about for some time to come.

Inspired by Couture, Reimagined for Denim. Each limited-edition piece reflects Valli’s bold, inventive spirit and impeccable fit, construction, and proportion that have awarded him ‘master of the feminine silhouette’.”

Giambattista Valli X 7 For All Mankind - High Waist Skinny in Flame

Image: 7 For All Mankind. High Waist Skinny in Flame

Just check out these details, above! I love the side zip contrasted with the coated finish of these beautiful jeans.

Unfortunately, since I kind of slacked on getting this feature up, most of the styles are sold out…but there’s still a lot left! Shop the collection right here.

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