Harvey Prince Signature Mini Roller Review plus Special Offer!

Harvey Prince Signature Mini Roller Review plus Special Offer!

It wasn’t very long ago that I wasn’t much of a fragrance person…I’d only use scents for special occasions. But, as I recently wrote in a post earlier this month, there’s one brand that’s changed my mind…Harvey Prince! I posted on June 15th about their many mini rollers, which are awesome little samplers (or collectibles), of each of their best fragrances. As previously discussed, I’m subscribed to their newsletter, and every so often Harvey Prince sends out offers for these little rollers to get one pretty much free—you just pay shipping! I love their fruity, refreshing scents and best of all, all Harvey Prince fragrances are 100% cruelty free, with no animal ingredients or derivatives. They are also free of toxic chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, sulfates, benzene, GMOs or triclosan. I made up quite a collection but there was one I was still missing…their Signature scent! Harvey Prince was awesome enough to send me one to fill in this vacant spot on my bathroom shelf, and I’ve got to say it turns out to be great competition for my other two favorites, Ageless and Sincerely. Keep on reading to find a special offer I’ve included for my readers, also thanks to Harvey Prince, for a free Signature Mini Roller so you guys can all try out this marvelous brand for yourself (just pay shipping)!

Harvey Prince Signature Mini Roller Review plus Special Offer! - With Box

“Your Signature Scent. Your personality says a lot about who you are and so should your fragrance. Harvey Prince Signature perfume is designed to get you noticed. Designed to be your ‘signature’ fragrance. You wear perfume because it makes you feel beautiful and brings people close to you. As you confidently ride the elevator to your next appointment, a gorgeous, classy woman quietly asks, “What is that incredible scent you’re wearing? I must have it!” Coming from her, it is the ultimate compliment. You step into a meeting at work and notice the men noticing you. That’s the power of Signature. It draws people in. It starts a conversation. It brings you compliments. It uplifts and energizes you. Signature does the flirting for you. Youthful pink grapefruit, feminine tuberose and jasmine, alluring amber, flirty patchouli, and energizing citrus combine to create one exhilarating fragrance that is sure to become your favorite. Notes: Fresh Citrus, Japanese Mikan, Pink Grapefruit, Hawaiian Jasmine, Sacred Lotus, Rajnigandha (Tuberose), Japanese Honeysuckle, Exotic Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, & Sexy Patchouli.”

I always love when one of these comes in the mail…from the cute little box design to the samples for other fragrances that always come with Harvey Prince purchases. Signature is a clear, colorless fragrance like Hello and Sincerely, so of course I had those other two scents in mind when I twisted off the top. However, this one is quite different, and very unique…I immediately smelled…ROSES! Roses, cedarwood, and lavender are my three most favorite smells in the world. It wasn’t an overwhelming rose scent though, and was just as feminine and light as the other Harvey Prince rollers. It’s interesting though, when I look at the description of the fragrance, roses are nowhere to be seen, but grapefruit is! Ageless has strong grapefruit tones, which is one of the reasons why I love that one so much. Maybe it’s the combination of the other flowery notes: jasmine, lotus, honeysuckle and tuberose. I’m not exactly sure how perfume science works but all I know is I like it! I feel it is well balanced out with the vanilla and citrus notes as well.

I looked up some of the other unfamiliar ingredient names. Japanese Mikan is a fruit—an orange variety. Rajnigandha (Tuberose) is a pretty white flower which, I read, Victorians forbade young girls from smelling for fear they would experience a spontaneous orgasm! Interesting. Ok, so as for Sacred Lotus…we all know what a lotus is, but I can’t say I’ve ever smelled one! It’s often used in traditional Chinese medicines and essential oils (which makes sense because Harvey Prince fragrances are created using the finest essential and natural oils from around the world). It’s definitely a very sacred plant, appearing in many ancient legends and scriptures, and part of the plant even has psychoactive characteristics (no, I did not trip out using Signature, nor would I suggest trying!). Patchouli I am not all that familiar with, other than the fact that it has been wildly popular within the hippie movement, but apparently it is in the mint family and since it is an essential oil, it has been used in alternative medicine as well as in incense. You learn something new every day!

Harvey Prince Signature Mini Roller Review plus Special Offer! - Roller

Like the other rollers, the roller ball is nice and smooth and doesn’t leak. It rolls on neatly and evenly so it’s easy to control how much you apply at one time. The metal ball I prefer over the plastic one that is in some of the rollers, as it feels smoother and almost gives an extra little cooling effect! I like the design of the bottle…simple and no frills. The scent speaks for itself!

If you are looking for a nice rosey smelling fragrance without so much of the rose, Signature is a great, feminine fragrance for you whether you are looking for something light for the day or alluring for date night! Now on to the special part: head on over to Harvey Prince and add the Signature Mini Roller to your cart, then enter “lovebyhp” at checkout, and enjoy your own little bit of this pretty scent (a $21 value) for only the cost of shipping! Limit 1 Signature Mini Roller per customer. Offer valid while supplies last.

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