Head Turning Spring Denim Footwear from DSW

Head Turning Spring Denim Footwear from DSW

Image: DSW

After deciding to swear off (or at least cut down on) shopping at major retailers for awhile last year and focus more on sustainable and independent designers (thus staying more true to the focus of my blog), I was surprised with a gift card to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) on my birthday! Usually I love gift cards, as they allow for “free” shopping trips and flexibility to choose what you want, but I hadn’t seen anything on DSW that I felt didn’t look like something I already had. My wish list was growing though, and soon I found a few cute things to add to my closet! I grabbed a pair of Chooka rain boots (just in time for that crazy California rain) and a the Lauren Ralph Lauren Genna Bootie. After becoming a member and making my first purchase, I started getting their newsletters and decided to stay subscribed because I enjoyed how each was curated and brought some unique styles to my attention!

As I’m sure you know, I love seeing all the things that can be done with denim other than your traditional jeans, and DSW, unbeknownst to me, had a pretty decent denim shoe collection. I found this out through one of their newsletters, and decided to share some of my favorites with you! Spring is just around the corner, and California is starting to warm up again…we’re all either thinking about festival season or summer apparel, right? Ok, at least I am. My first thought with denim footwear is, how do I wear them (considering I wear jeans 24/7). I know the double denim look is always in the media, and pretty much always in style as long as you can pull it off correctly. I’d wear them with a different color pair of jeans, or maybe just a pair of denim shorts, and I bet those heels below would look amazing with a maxi dress (yes, even those sneakers)! check out these cute denim footwear styles from DSW.

What do you think? Shop more denim styles from DSW (including a few bags) here!

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