Help Provide Meals for Children with FEED Bags

While I absolutely love discovering new brands with a charitable program to give back to those in need, it’s also great to see the well-established, tried-and-true and well-loved brands evolving and still staying strong to their respectable initiatives. FEED is one of them. Founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush, after witnessing hunger (which affects about 795 million people around the world) after a trip to Cambodia, Chad and Guatemala. She saw children not receiving adequate nutrition in the form of school meals, and founded FEED to help change that. Every bag purchased has a number stamped inside that signifies how many meals or micronutrient packets will be provided to someone in need. FEED’s mission is to “connect customers to the cause, one bag at a time.” FEED works closely with The World Food Programme (WFP), Unicef, and Feeding America to help combat malnutrition globally. So far, there have been 95,619,215 meals provided to date!

As mentioned, I’ve been familiar with FEED for years, but I had only seen their signature burlap totes. However, the brand actually now provides a full range of beautiful crossbody bags, diaper bags, totes, duffles, backpacks, wine bags, bracelets, bibs for babies, pouches and more, all made with sustainable materials. Whether you like military-inspired or classic leather pieces, FEED has something for you! I myself am craving some of those leather totes…and there’s even a collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff (in the form of a clutch, crossbody or tote, seen below)!

Several of FEED’s bags are artisan-made, pulling in local traditions of craftmanship to benefit communities in Kenya, Mexico, El Salvador and even right here in the United States. With every purchase of a hand-made artisan bag, you are not only helping provide school meals, but also helping support the lives of artisans and their families.

Well, here’s another one to add to my most-watched list! Here are some of my favorites below.

“It is hard to believe that hunger is a daily reality for 795 million people around the world. Hunger and malnutrition have devastating effects on individuals, families and communities – making people more susceptible to diseases, causing physical deficiencies due to lack of nutrients and stunting mental abilities.”

“Lack of food is not the cause of hunger. In fact, enough food is produced each year to feed everyone on the planet. The key to solving hunger is improving vulnerable communities’ access to nutritious food…every time you buy a FEED product, you are participating in the solution. You are investing in better futures for children and families around the world.”

“One of the most effective solutions in combating hunger is school feeding, which we support in 63 countries. Not only does this intervention ensure children have access to daily nutrients, but it also empowers them to break out of the cycle of poverty they were born into, and allows them to grow, learn, and thrive.”

“Every one of our products has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase. Nine years later, we’ve built a movement connecting our customers to the cause, one bag at a time.”

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