High Performance Moto Style by Blanc Noir at Carbon38

Here we go again…more dark fashion awesomeness…totally my kind of thing. As a fitness fanatic, I definitely love that side of the activewear/athleisure industry, as fitness kind of gives an extra bit of badassery to edgier apparel, if you ask me. It also makes this kind of style a lot easier to wear around on a regular basis, since activewear is meant to move with you and stay comfortable, and even wick moisture if you’re wearing it on a hot day. This also makes them prime items to wear out when I’m DJing or attending a late night party! I’m not really into wearing gym clothing on a regular basis, but sometimes, I can make an exception—if it doesn’t exactly look like it’s meant to be in a gym.

As a prime example, I’ve been totally in love with Carbon38’s moto collection, which is made up of a ton of pieces that definitely look like they belong on the street rather than the squat rack. That whole website is so fun to peruse in general, and I kind of like the fact that it’s the premium side of the activewear market, so I’m not too tempted to snatch it all up! I can understand pricier things, as they motivate me to work towards a piece or two and select carefully so I appreciate them a whole lot more, and I can rely that they will last me a long time. I wrote about Carbon38 a little while ago and included a few of these super cool moto pieces in my post, and they just popped up again in my inbox. Instead of making another similar post, I thought I’d focus on a particular brand they carry that embodies a lot of that moto style: Blanc Noir.

Blanc Noir’s moto-inspired activewear pieces feature high tech fabrics, “modern urban styling,” incredible and clean detailing, and a fresh, futuristic appeal. Most of them are black of course, but check out that white moto jacket below! There are also several shades of grey mixed in there as well. Unfortunately, these items sell fast, but the good news is Carbon38 regularly restocks items. The Drape Velour Jacket is one of those hot-selling pieces that sells out almost immediately, but is restocked as often as possible. That just goes to show how amazing these pieces are, and gives you a bit of a reassurance that the price is definitely worth it!

I’ve now got several new pieces to mark for my wish list (or peruse eBay for later if I’m too late)…here are my favorites!

“Dramatic styling combined with high-performance features and fabrics sets Blanc Noir apart from an everyday workout wardrobe. Engineered with modern urban styling and breakthrough fabric technologies, Blanc Noir’s tees, tops and jackets signal the future of active fashion. Shop Blanc Noir’s clean, architectural performance pieces at Carbon38.”

Shop more Blanc Noir pieces at Carbon38 here.

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