Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales

Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales - Joe's

Image: Joe’s Jeans. Shop through 9pm PST 11/29/2017.

I’m sure it was easy to gather I was M.I.A. because of this past holiday…I figured Thanksgiving would be a great time to take a bit of a break and focus on family and relaxation for a bit. While there were a ton of sales floating around that I usually enjoy posting about, I really didn’t feel much up to it this time. As much as I absolutely love supporting some of my favorite brands, especially the smaller ones, I feel we as a society have placed too much of an importance on holidays for the wrong reasons over the years. It’s funny as a blogger, trying to keep a healthy outlook on consumerism when sometimes it seems that’s all that a style blog is about. But as I’m sure you know by now, I have a true love for all of the amazing advancements in denim as well as the hard-working independent brands that strive to create a more sustainable future and live off their creative passions. Family and time off is also incredibly important, and sometimes it can also be a challenge for me to keep a healthy balance. When I find the opportunity, I realize the need to take advantage of it, and I do!

My Thanksgiving week definitely was a nice break. I only had to work my 9-5 on Monday and Tuesday, which is a blessing every year (we get even more time off for Christmas and New Years). My immediate family lives in the same town as me, so I am also so stoked I don’t have to deal with the stress of travel! We had family friends over for Turkey Day as we always do, and I enjoyed having a lot more free time to hit the gym and go for my jogs without having to worry about much of a schedule (the way I always dream for it to be). I didn’t even look at any Black Friday sales, even though I noticed they started that Monday of the week (I can’t even remember if it’s been that way before? Kind of crazy if you ask me), until Friday morning, and some here and there this last weekend and Monday, but only online. You won’t ever see me braving those brick & mortar store doorbusting hours! I will say it was nice to take care of a little Christmas shopping early (yes this is early for me).

To stick at least a little with my usual holiday plans with my blog, I figured I would collect some of my favorite brands that are offering extended Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales through this week and share them with all of you, in case you’re curious what I’m looking at or are still looking for some great deals. I started with good ol’ Joe’s Jeans at the top, which is one of the brands that’s been around the longest in the denim market! If you’re looking for jeans that fit amazingly over curvier shapes or a brand that’s put efforts into sustainability and eco-friendly fabrics, that’s definitely one to look at. Scroll on below for more brands, from both denim brands and beyond!

Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales - Oliberte

Image: Oliberté. Shop with free shipping through December 1st.

Oliberté is a fair trade company specializing in amazing quality footwear, employing artisans in sub-Saharan Africa. These shoes break in beautifully, and are rugged but casual enough to wear every day. I have one pair, but this deal was too good…I had to grab another, which I got for about $41 (usually $130) with the Cyber Monday discount, 10% additional discount, and free shipping! Score!

Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales - Aya Papaya

Image: Aya Papaya. Shop all week!

Aya Papaya is one of my favorite independent brands I find at transformational music festivals I attend. Everything is handmade in America, sustainable and the brand prides itself in supporting local communities and providing local jobs. Find anything you can wear to yoga practice, festivals, or out and about everyday!

I have not yet written about Sure Design T-Shirts, but they are always on my radar. I write a lot about how much I love shopping for cute, casual tee shirts to pair with my favorite jeans, and this shop, based in Thailand, has some of the coolest around. They also carry leggings, hoodies, bags and other items for women and men. I’ve also seen them at a festival or two! They are already so well priced, so this deal is a total steal.

Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales - Symbolika

Image: Symbolika.

I only just wrote about Symbolika this last September! Back to the topic of awesome tees to go with your best jeans, this is a great brand to turn to if you are partial to psychedelic designs. These are based off sacred geometry or tribal visionary artwork from some of the best artists around, and are also found at several music festivals.

Nothing needs to be said about True Religion, really. This iconic denim brand is more accessible than ever with some of these recent sales they’ve been having! The fits and styles are also nothing like they’ve been before, and I’m always happy to see what they are coming up with next.

Holiday Break Recap and Favorite Remaining Sales - DL1961

Image: DL1961

DL1961 has been around for several years already, and values both fits for all bodies as well as sustainable manufacturing practices. I’ve reviewed a few of these over the years and they’ve been one of my all time favorites! This deal is too good to let go if you’re looking for a new pair of premium jeans, enjoy half off everything until November 30th!

Did you have any favorite sales this past holiday? Feel free to share them in the comments! Happy Thanksgiving/Holidays/Shopping/whatever you celebrate. This is my favorite time of the year…even though it always seems to hit us so dang fast!


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