Holiday Dresses from Nasty Gal

Holiday Dresses from Nasty Gal

Online retailer Nasty Gal is probably best known for their edgy, body-conscious designs for the fearless fashionista, and the recent rise in fame by founder Sophia Amoruso and the release of her book detailing her success, #GIRLBOSS. In 2006, Amoruso ran an eBay store selling a curated selection of vintage pieces that grew fast enough in just five years to prompt an official storefront. The “Nasty Gal” name comes from a song from funk star Betty Davis who was “the patron saint of badass women,” “known for her unapologetically sexy funk music which comprises our vision of femininity—complete with lamé platform thigh-high boots.” This basically describes the target demographic of the business! Nasty Gal is an enjoyable online stop for me, although I don’t yet have anything to show for it. A lot of the items found seem more aimed to the younger college gal with a free spirit (which I still am at heart…I’m not THAT much older, after all), but many of the items are perfectly appropriate for an older crowd too that still wants to turn heads at a holiday party. It’s an intelligent mix, if you ask me. I was browsing the web for some new pieces for the holiday season and ran across some beautiful items at Nasty Gal! Gone is the traditional holiday dress or sweater…now it’s time to get creative and let your spirit shine, no matter your age. Take a look at my favorite finds. Most of these lead to a product page that shows where you can find the additional pieces shown in each outfit, if you see something else you like apart from the featured item.

I love a little lace, and long sleeve, short dresses always catch my interest. Perfect to keep the balance between the cold outside and the warmer inside once you enter the party. The Nasty Gal Collection Hold Tight Embroidered Dress caught my eye because it’s a more grown up look and a perfect example of the fact that Nasty Gal has a little bit for everyone.

Again, with the lace…but with blue! Both of these were so pretty I decided I loved them both together. These are gorgeous!

Now I really am not a pink person…you really wouldn’t see me in the first look here. However, if I saw someone walk in to a party wearing this getup, I’d give her a thumbs up! It’s a truly fashionable look and definitely screams “holiday.” The Niki Shift Sequin Dress is freaking gorgeous! The challenge of course would be finding a bra to fit it, but I’d rock it. I love the blue, and sparkles fit the occasion perfectly.

I chose this first one for the blazer. It would be a great piece to layer over any of these dresses, I think. Sometimes I find it difficult to find a dressy jacket to fit what I’m wearing underneath! The rest of the outfit would also work but I think it looks more like something you’d wear out on the town, not to a party. The Lovers and Friends Saturday Night Sequin Top is amazing, isn’t it? I don’t know where I’d wear it other than at a holiday shindig! The earrings and bag on the model top off the look so well.

I thought I’d mix this up a little and find some holiday looks that don’t involve dresses. I don’t see ladies rocking pants that often at a swanky event. For me to choose pants that aren’t denim is also very rare for me…as I pretty much never wear non-denim pants unless I’m at a business event. The coated, faux leather look is definitely big right now and always looks good dressed up or down! Topping them with the Deep Trouble Sequin Top creates a great look, and although I’m not big on fuzzy jackets, I do love the color and it looks great on the model. The blue Three Floor Très You Sequin Pant might fare better for a new years eve party, but I think they’d work anywhere! They definitely require the desire to rock them with a purpose…as they sure look like they mean business. Again, I’m not sure I would since I like more form-fitting items but they look so good on the model! I love her top, too.

For this part I thought I’d find a common item and show two ways to wear it! The Nasty Gal In A Flash Cami is so flexible…I probably would wear them with my black DSTLD jeans as they have a slight silky sheen to them and I like pairing something flowy with something tight, but it really could work with almost anything. I’m more of a fan of the Joa City Lights Sequin Skirt here and I love the red sandals paired with it, but the Joa Metal Petal Sequin Skirt is so beautifully ornate!

Nasty Gal is the perfect place to go for party apparel, and there’s a lot more where these came from. Peruse more looks here, and go all out! Which look above is your favorite?

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