Hybrid Dresses Combine a Touch of Class and Lace

Hybrid Dresses Combine a Touch of Class and Lace

Image: Hybrid (Facebook)

I remember being back in London in 2006, and admiring the abundance of cute little dress boutiques. Finally at one point the girls I was with decided we’d all go shopping for one, then go hit up a Broadway play. Fortunately, I had a blast and picked a cute little 50’s housewife style number for myself…unfortunately, I ended up being too sleepy (recovering from jet lag, I guess) to join my friends on their night out. However, the dress still hangs in my closet with some occasional special moments of use, to remind me of all the fun, classy fashion that makes up my Londontown memories. Here in the states, it seems tougher to find such things (well, this is all before stores like Modcloth came to be), but there’s still something alluring and unique about UK boutiques…at least the ones I remember. Hybrid, a UK company, seems to embody that classic style I have been craving since that trip, with an extra touch. Most of their apparel is perfectly posh and clean-cut, but many are accented with lace details or asymmetrical cuts that give them all a little boost of oomph!

Hybrid was born in 2010, and is now a global brand, selling in over 300 boutiques and available online through online stores such as ASOS. They exist in the contemporary market, but they state their “dresses not only channel a feminine aesthetic but are crafted from luxe, stretch fabrics and flatter the natural curves of the body.” Hybrid‘s entire line consists of all sorts of dresses: from bodycon to maxi dresses to skater to sweetheart…all sorted in categories such as evening, graduation, workwear, summer, graduation or even race day dresses. To me, a lot of them fit in several of these categories and truly are very versatile. I could wear most of them and upon browsing their online shop for awhile I concluded I could easily buy the whole store…must exit website, NOW.

The term ‘hybrid’ itself reinforces our creative vision; through attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship we aim to bind elements such as quality and versatility with affordability and luxury.”

How cool are these?? They certainly reminded me that I don’t have nearly enough dresses in my closet…I love my denim, but I gotta let out my inner girly girl out sometimes.

Shop Hybrid here!

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