It has begun…

Over 60 pairs of jeans, a closet full of years of passionate collecting…what’s a girl to do? The idea of a fashion blog (or a blog, period) seemed fairly daunting for long enough, but the concept of finding some way to document all of my favorite outfits from my ever-growing apparel stash sounded pretty darn attractive to me. So here we go…with an opportunity to review denim for Denimology paired with years of experience designing retail collateral for (and collecting/getting to know denim from) brick and mortar boutiques, I decided to finally begin an outlet for my love of fashion and life’s experiences in general. I can be dark, I can be light, and I can be everything in between…I don’t believe in limits. We can’t expect our lives to run as perfectly and smoothly as a musical chord; how would we ever grow ourselves without a little dissonance? So is my life, and here goes….

<3 Lana


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