Italian Denim Bags by Graf & Lantz

Italian Denim Bags by Graf & Lantz

Image: Kenwerks

Italian Denim Bags by Graf & Lantz

Denim as a fabric is pretty amazing, isn’t it? It’s durable, wears in beautifully, and has the perfect thickness and texture for a wide variety of applications. Earlier this year, I posted about an assortment of awesome items made from denim that are anything but jeans, and items keep popping up left and right. I guess bags aren’t really that farfetched of an idea, considering they need to be tough and last through a ton of abuse, just like jeans do. I found a super pretty line of bags by Graf & Lantz, a Los-Angeles based company that specializes in all sorts of bags, either for your person or to protect your tech. The company was founded by Holger Gräf, who earned a Phd in structural engineering in Germany, and Daniel Lantz, who resided in Japan where he lived an “adventurous life” until the two joined in Los Angeles to combine the forces of their individual and opposite experiences and create Graf & Lantz. The two “set out to sculpt the world’s oldest fabric into modern and unexpected forms, crafting a definitive collection of handbags, accessories and home-ware items for men and women.” They have been quite successful, capturing the attention and adoration of “affluent urbanites”, as their website puts it, around the world! My personal attention is drawn to their collection of hand-treated Italian denim and leather bags, including a wallet! Their manufacturing process is actually pretty impressive…They started out in an apartment with a wine carrier as a prototype and overcame the common startup woe of finding quality production and meeting manufacturing minimums. Now, everything is still made in-house for better control over quality, and all materials are sourced from all over the world. Check out these beautiful leather and denim bags by Graf & Lantz at Anthropologie, below!

Italian Denim Bags by Graf & Lantz - Bedford Tote

Image: Anthropologie. Graf & Lantz Bedford Denim Tote

Today, Gräf & Lantz® has transcended its artistry in felt with explorations in colorful and modern mixtures of leather and canvas items. As they continue to venture into new design territories, their non-status quo look is always present in every piece; simple lines, sophisticated shapes, unorthodox textures and exposed stitching.” (source)

Natural materials like leather can look and behave differently from hide to hide. Making of a bag starts with the selection of felt, leather and fabric and paying attention to how it lays or what are its surface imperfections. That determines where and how each cut piece will end up on a bag. And just as each hide differs from the next, each felt lot has structural run characteristics that determine how a bag will drop and hang and stand. We like the way this makes each bag unique as it is assembled and closed by our small team of experienced bag makers.” (source)

Italian Denim Bags by Graf & Lantz - Andie Pouch

Image: Anthropologie. Graf & Lantz Andie Pouch

There’s also a pretty little crossbody bag, available only on the Graf & Lantz website, as far as I could see!

Italian Denim Bags by Graf & Lantz - Bedford Crossbody

Image: Graf & Lantz. Bedford Denim Backpack

Shop all bags by Graf & Lantz at their own website here, at Shopbop here, or Anthropologie here!

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