J Brand Introduces Hi-Def Stretch Jeans

J Brand Introduces Hi-Def Stretch Jeans - Alaina

Image: J Brand

It’s been quite interesting watching all the incredibly comfortable, stretchy, curve hugging, shape-keeping jeans that have emerged ever since activewear threatened denim as we knew it a few years ago…just about every major denim brand has basically replaced their more cotton-dominating fabrics with stretchier alternatives. Some love it, some hate it, but it has definitely improved over time and it definitely has become just as competitive as the denim industry is to begin with. Most of the time, brands disclosed the makeup of their new innovative fabrics right on their product pages, but it seems now as things have become a bit more cutthroat, I’ve noticed some brands have become just a bit more secretive! But either way, as mentioned, since brands have had plenty of time to perfect their crafts with these new blends over time, I can pretty much always feel confident I’m going to find a winner with any of them.

J Brand released their Photo Ready collection in 2014 which was an awesome response to the evolving denim market. I reviewed the Photo Ready Maria in Impression (see that post here), which had an ultra stretchy, but extremely sturdy and soft soft 11.75oz denim blend of 92.5% Cotton, 5% Polyester and 2.5% Lycra. They definitely were one of the absolute best I’ve ever tried, because they arrived appearing so tiny but gave so amazingly well and sucked everything in without feeling uncomfortable! They never did stretch out either. Now, J Brand has released their new Hi-Def Stretch line, which is made up of two models: the 811 Mid Rise Skinny and the Alaina High Rise Crop, each given two wash treatments: the pretty medium blue hued Thrill and the darker sultry hued Daring. J Brand hasn’t overtly released the fabric blend information (as far as I can see), but promises an “ultimate 4-way stretch” that provides “supreme comfort and unlimited flexibility.” I know that statement sounds kind of redundant by now, but this is the exciting new face of denim, and since it’s coming from the experienced veteran brand J Brand, and after trying the Photo Ready line, I am pretty sure this line is just as impressively top notch and I really hope I can get my hands on one of these soon!

J Brand Introduces Hi-Def Stretch Jeans - 811

Image: J Brand

“The ultimate 4-way stretch denim creating supreme comfort and unlimited flexibility.”

Shop J Brand’s new Hi-Def Stretch collection here and experience it for yourself!

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