James Jeans is a Comfortable Classic, and Vintage Coach

James Jeans Twiggy in Millenium

It’s funny after all these years of being obsessed with denim and being more partial to styles with an obvious logo on the back pocket to show off or promote my brand of choice, I’ve gone from the in-your-face look to simply finding jeans that actually FIT right. We all have that struggle when we are looking for the perfect pair of jeans but we still tend to focus more on how they make us LOOK. Anyway, I’ve realized that many of the styles that have tame or neutral back pockets seem to fit me the best, now that I’ve had a chance to work for Denimology and review several styles I was unfamiliar with (I know, with over 60 pairs of jeans, how could I still be so ignorant?).

James Jeans was awesome enough to be the next on my list after Agave, which took two takes to get right! I am normally a 26 but had to size down to a 25 due to the stretch factor in these jeans (they stretched out rather fast), and the brand was super courteous enough to let me exchange them with a return label. I used to be very into the torn styles (the first pair I ever saw which triggered some jean envy and the beginning of my obsession was a pair of torn True Religion Joeys…which probably also started my preference for big bold pocket logos since at the time I thought those were THE jeans to have…don’t get me wrong though, I love me some TR!) but as I’ve grown and gotten further in the professional world, I’ve preferred more clean, classic styles…although I’ve been super fortunate to have jobs that allowed me to wear whatever the heck I wanted on the job, provided it was tasteful. I thought I’d go with a torn style, since it’s been awhile, with James, and chose the Twiggy in Millenium. I cannot wait to review these! James Jeans is a comfortable classic!

I also just finally ended my search for a cute vintage Coach bag to add to my wardrobe…I already carry a large leather Zoe everyday but there is no beating the classics! I ended up in a bidding war for a measly $35…can you believe it? It’s hardly even been used (or very well taken care of)! I’m wondering about how to add such accessories into my denim reviews? I’m still such a newby…

Vintage Coach

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