The James Jeans Twiggy Jean for Curvier Bodies

The James Jeans Twiggy Jean for Curvier Bodies

There’s been a long standing assumption that skinny jeans are only for…well, skinny people. Thankfully over the years that’s changed, and several denim brands have stepped up to the plate to prove that notion wrong. Jeans have become more stretchy, more form fitting, more curve hugging than ever, and fits have changed a bit to cater to those who have more ample shapes. For me, I’m thankful because I’ve always had a more athletic shape, as I am a bit of a fitness buff! I lift, I run, I HIIT, I do a lot. Fortunately, I’m slim enough that most jeans will fit me anyway, but I still run across that issue of waist gap or my thighs being a bit too muscular every now and then. I am extremely thankful for my experiences of reviewing jeans for Denimology, as this has opened my eyes to the real meat of the denim industry, and I am not sure I would have discovered these amazing fits for bodies like mine if I hadn’t had that opportunity!

The James Jeans Twiggy Jean for Curvier Bodies - My Review

The Twiggy jean by James Jeans is one jean that really stuck out to me through my Denimology reviews, because it’s not that stretchy of a jean but it has the fit that makes it stay in place. The photos above are from a review of the Twiggy in Millennium that I did back in 2014. Since then, James has come out with many other versions of the Twiggy with various stretch technologies, like The Dancer. Either way, the Twiggy has been known as a jean made to fit a more shapely body, with a tighter waist and a slightly wider fit over the hips. James Jeans also offers a Curvy Plus line for those who need a little extra when it comes to finding a new favorite jean! There are a lot of successful denim brands out there, but it goes without saying that expanding lines to fit all bodies is definitely a strong key to longevity in this ever-competitive business.

Here are a few gorgeous styles available from Shopbop!

James Jeans also offers a great maternity line.

Shop the Curvy Plus line from James Jeans for sizes 12W-26W, in denim styles that are anything but boring!

Do you have a favorite denim brand for curvier bodies? Let me know if there is one you’d like me to showcase!

Read my review for the James Jeans Twiggy in Millenium (as I’m wearing above), here.

Shop the James Jeans Curvy Plus line here, and more beautiful maternity jeans here!

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