James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque Review on Denimology

James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque Review on Denimology - Front View

James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque Review on Denimology

I made a blog post recently about the James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer jeans and the fact that I’ve read numerous articles over the last month or two about the denim industry supposedly suffering a little due to people preferring more comfortable loungewear-type apparel (thanks to brands like Lululemon making lounge and activewear more stylish). I still plan on making a more detailed blog post about this interesting trend, but here’s my review for these fabulous leggings from James Jeans for Denimology, as promised!

As I mentioned in that post, James Jeans removed the outer seams to give the Twiggy The Dancer jeans a boost in flexibility, with a slimming effect. The base denim uses “REFORM™” which promotes impressive stretch and recovery capabilities, and the super soft fabric utilizes ISKO™ PJSOFT™ for the comfort and day-to-night wearability without feeling constricting. I actually sized down to a 25 (I’m a 26) and they looked TINY when they came in, but I have never seen any jean stretch out the way they did while still feeling like a pair of yoga pants. These jeans feature a 12oz fabric content of 50% Modal, 41.5% Cotton, 6% Polyester and 2.5% Spandex, which explains how luxurious they fit and feel! At a front rise of 8.75″ and a back rise of 13″ they fit high enough to wrap around my hips and stay put, and the inseam is at 30″ to give the super skinny legging look without the scrunch effect on the bottom that is usually cute with your traditional skinny jean. I haven’t had to wear a belt with these at all, and have worn them out on several occasions with them snapping back to their original shape each time, never bagging out. I’ve had a few moments where I’d have to pull them up but I don’t care enough to talk badly about it since it felt pretty normal for jeans so buttery soft, and it is a common thing for me to have to do that with my hips tapering off so sharply at my waist and thighs…it’s hard to find jeans that fit my shape so well without needing a belt, and these are a-OK.

James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer in Arabesque Review on Denimology - Back View

Leggings always have a place in fashion, whether in the fall (tucked into boots under a dress or a tunic), or in the summer when we are just looking for soft, lightweight and comfortable alternatives to stay cool. These James Jeans Twiggy The Dancer jeans in Arabesque are extremely versatile, being a dark wash and thus going with anything, and are very easy to live in every day.

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