Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology

Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology - Front View

When the temperatures drop in the winter months and it gets tougher and tougher to get out of our warm cozy beds in the morning, the thought of traipsing into work wearing our PJs or favorite pair of sweat pants sounds more like a luxury than a blatant display of sloth. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve had more than one morning like this too. Although, anything under 50 degrees is cold to me (I’m a spoiled California girl, I know). It’s during these months when I wish I had some kind of special device to pre-warm my jeans before I throw them on. I’ve gotta put some good use to those tall sexy boots I’ve been stashing all summer, after all. Of all the denim companies there are out there, why hasn’t one come up with the idea of jeans that keep you warm? Maybe ones that can trap air or something to provide insulation? Oh wait…read on, and check out this Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta review on Denimology!

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I published a post this week about Joe’s Fahrenheit line, which is designed to keep you “exceptionally warm” while looking hot! These jeans are constructed of a lightweight fabric with hollow-core fibers that trap air to wick moisture and provide insulation, so you can keep strutting your stuff as the days get shorter while still looking great. Of course, we can once again thank INVISTA Lycra® for once again helping create a high quality, stretchy jean that keeps its shape, and providing the groundbreaking THERMOLITE® technology for warmth! Joe’s itself is a well-loved, well-known brand in the premium denim industry since it’s birthyear of 2001 in Los Angeles. The brand is known for its curvy fits and super-soft, durable fabrics in a myriad of timeless styles. The Fahrenheit collection currently comes in two different styles: The Ines, which comes in a mid-rise, high-rise, or curvy skinny; the Retta, which also comes in the same three skinny styles but also a cropped jacket. Coming soon are the Chanelle which comes in the same three skinny styles in addition to a petite skinny, and the Claudine, which will come in a petite skinny, mid-rise or high-rise skinny, and a boyfriend jean.

Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology - Back View

I was sent the Retta, and since I like to specialize in the curvier styles, I was sent the curvy version! I currently have a few pairs of older Joe’s, with sizes all over the place. I was graciously sent both a 25 and my usual size of 26, so I could try on two and send back the one that didn’t fit! The 26 was perfect; just a little snug but fit like a glove with no gapping, bunching or sagging at all. It really is an amazing curvy fit, built for a smaller waist and rounder bum. At first It seemed a tad too tight for me, but after about five wears (I cannot stop wearing these, seriously), it softened up just right to fit, but the whole jean still fits like I was born in them. The fabric quality alone was the first thing I noticed…it’s lightweight, but dense and feels very durable! It is 70% cotton, 28% THERMOLITE, 2% Lycra® spandex, so it’s got that comfy cotton quality to it with just the right amount of stretch. As for the claim that these keep you warmer? Yeah, it’s not a lie. When I wore these around the house for awhile I almost didn’t want to change back into my sweats, and they’ve definitely made it easier to get out of bed in the morning to take off for work. The 8″ front rise and higher 12″ back rise is perfect…sometimes I find high rises that are as snug as this to be a little irritating on my stomach, but this sits low enough to comfortably hold onto my hips without needing a belt, and the more I wear them the softer they get! These have a 32″ inseam to keep my ankles warm as well, just in case I decided to brave the cold in some killer pumps, but are still a true skinny jean with a 10″ leg opening. The wash itself is gorgeous…Joe’s didn’t skimp on anything here, keeping them practical as well as looking beautiful! They actually look different than how they appear on the site, but I promise, they are even prettier in person. They are more of a darker blue with gorgeous whiskering and fading effects! The trademark Joe’s curvy line on the back pockets and single leather tag top of the Joe’s look we all know and love.

Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology - Front Angle View

I’m telling you, this year I’ve seen more innovation amongst denim manufacturers than I ever have before, and this has got to be the best and most brilliant thing I’ve seen (next to all of the stain and fade-resistant styles out there). The Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta has become my go-to pair to wear when I’m heading out on a cold night or if I know it’s going to be a cold day, because they certainly live up to the claims! I also love that they are a perfect cold-weather look, dark blue with some light fading and wiskering details, so I know they’ll look great with anything I decide to bundle myself up in, as well as my tall boots. If you’re looking for THE jean to wear this winter, I’d have to say anything from the Joe’s Jeans Fahrenheit line would be a great choice!

Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Curvy Skinny in Retta Review on Denimology - Back Detail View

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