Key Art by La Clé Jewelry

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry

The key is a symbolic icon…with tattoos it might signify opening up to a person through trust (at least that’s what I was thinking when I considered getting one), or something forbidden and mysterious. I also think of security, or peace of mind when I think of the key motif. It’s nothing new in the jewelry world at all, but I rarely see actual keys used to adorn the necks or wrists of the accessory-minded crowd. There’s always an appeal of vintage items, and I always love anything that falls into the repurposing/DIY realm too (I can be a bit of a hoarder…every little thing I find I just must keep to make it into something, even though that really…rarely…ever happens. You know once you finally toss something, you finally find a use for it anyway, right?) that makes me feel just a little better about my footprint on the planet. But I love the symbolism of a key. La Clé Jewelry followed me on Twitter one day, and I instantly saw a great blog post. Deanna Saracino is the Canadian designer behind the company, using repurposed vintage keys for a variety of hand-painted or printed pieces to wear around your neck. La Clé asks, “What’s Your Color?”, prompting customers to choose a color that represents them from a menu of colors and their meanings, to proudly wear it as a reminder to embrace its “colorful meaning.” As the paint on your key jewelry wears off over time, it symbolizes the positive energy you’ve absorbed from the meaning of your chosen color.

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry - Dipped

La Clé Jewelry – Dipped

There are several different kinds of keys you can purchase from La Cl&eacute Jewelry! You can go for a simple colored key like the ones shown at the very top of this post, “Dipped” keys (shown above), “Double Decker” as shown below, or you can make a custom key with a word of your choice hand-stamped across it.

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry - Double

La Clé Jewelry – Double Decker

The goal with La Clé Jewelry was to create a simple statement necklace with a message that empowers a positive attitude in people specifically focused on building self-esteem and confidence.”

La Clé Jewelry also has charity in mind, asking wearers to snap a photo of their keys and send it to them with a message about what their chosen color or word means to them. The company will then make a donation in the wearer’s name to the organization of their choice!

Key Art by La Clé Jewelry - Custom

La Clé Jewelry – Custom

I’d have to say anything in blue best represents me, as to me it sparks the feeling of relaxation and purity. Although, I do love the purples, as this color often speaks “mystery” to me, and who doesn’t like a little bit of a mystery? I’m seriously considering grabbing either a dipped key or custom key! La Clé Jewelry also offers tee shirts. They aren’t customizable at this time, but do offer the chance to march around with a positive message of its own emblazoned on your chest: “Effin Brilliant.”

Read up on this awesome, cute little crafty and charitable idea here!


  1. Daniel December 2, 2014 / 1:50 pm

    how cool are these keys!

    • Lana December 3, 2014 / 9:48 am

      Right? I love them! Glad you do too 🙂

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