Kinetic Denim for Men by Joe’s

Kinetic Denim for Men by Joe's

Image: Joe’s

So I guess I’m doing something a little new today: I don’t ever really write about men’s fashion, but the denim world wouldn’t be what it is without some of the amazing innovations done on the men’s side of things. However, that goes both ways…with all of the technological advancements in fabrics that are made to move with you, provide excellent stretch recovery and keep you comfortable, the women’s side is just as influential. There has been a ton of this for women’s denim to help combat the quick rise in athleisure, if you haven’t yet noticed, but this crazy awesome level of stretch technology hasn’t really been totally implemented into men’s denim on the same level. Joe’s, being as awesome as they are, are changing that!

The men’s Kinetic Denim collection from Joe’s is a luxe collection perfected for freedom of movement and exceptional fabric recovery. The collection is made up of five fits: The Slim Fit (slim leg), The Legend (skinny fit), The Brixton (straight & narrow), The Classic (straight leg), and the Savile Row (straight fit with a slim leg opening). Each has a mix of cotton, tencel, lycra, spandex, rayon or polyester, depending on the style. Considering the market for men’s jeans isn’t quite as gigantic as it is for women, I’m thrilled to see that Joe’s has launched this collection with an awesome range of different washes and finishes. This includes colors like a dark olive, mushroom (khaki), different shades of greys, blacks as well as some beautiful dark blues. I am highly curious to see how this influences the rest of the industry…do you think men’s stretchy jeans will catch on more across the board?

Shop the Kinetic Denim collection at Joe’s here!

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