Labor Day Weekend in Siwy

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy

Siwy to me has always been one of those strange denim brands that I can’t help but love and crave, even though it is always so hit or miss for me in the fit department. I’ve gone through several of their styles in the past without much luck on my curvier shape, but when I do find one that fits, it’s PERFECT. Not long ago I reviewed the Hannah in Odyssey, which is now one of my absolute favorite jeans and fits me like a glove without a belt! Also in my collection is a beautiful pair of the Siwy Camilla shorts that I just had to have after seeing them on Miley Cyrus when she was filming her Party In The USA music video. These are the Siwy Splatter Paint Camilla shorts which are a soft, pretty dark grey with gold glitter splotches on them (so I’m kind of afraid to throw them in the wash). I grabbed online years ago (so they are no longer available, unfortunately). They kind of sat in my closet unused for awhile because I bought them in my old size of 27, not knowing that these shorts run kind of big. After getting more into fitness over the years and dropping to a 26, they got a little bigger, but the boyfriend shorts style kind of blew up within the last few months making me feel that a tight fit maybe might not be the only way to wear these!

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy - Back View

Over the Labor Day weekend, I was excited to have one of my bridesmaids come into town, and I hadn’t seen her in three years, since the wedding! To accompany her on a day out on the town, I wore the Camilla Splatter Paint shorts with a top from Old Navy that I recently grabbed (I actually hate pineapple, so this is my strange sense of humor coming out here), loosely tucked in with a pair of Stuart Weitzman-esque espadrille wedges from Lucky Brand that I grabbed off Hautelook a few years ago. I’m carrying one of my favorite crossbody bags, the Foley & Corinna Disco City in Aubergine, which has a lot more room in it than it looks and is very versatile! I had just gone for a run and my hair was still damp (and thus not flatironed), so I threw on my A.Kurtz corduroy cap to top off the look which I love because it’s such an easy casual look with a touch of style to it.

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy - Closeup

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy - Laughing

I don’t take a lot of selfies, but my hubby got me this awesome full-length mirror which now saves me from back pain or falling over when I’m trying to contort myself at the bathroom in order to get a decent view! I was playing around with the look and decided to snap a photo.

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy - Selfie

Here I am with my friend! She looked pretty stylish herself, and we enjoyed a bit of shopping together, where I excitedly helped her find a well-fitting pair of high waisted jeans from Flying Monkey. Many of my friends run to me for style advice now that I’ve been blogging for a bit, and I love it! I wouldn’t mind taking a job as a stylist at all.

Labor Day Weekend in Siwy - With Agnes

The Siwy Camilla short is such a fun little short! It is a bit pricey though, for those who are budget-conscious, but if you can catch them on a good sale, I promise you you’ll be happy with them! Here are a few cool styles of the shorts below.

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