Luxury Denim for the Stylish Nomad by Diego Milano

Luxury Denim for the Stylish Nomad by Diego Milano

Images: Diego Milano

Luxury Denim for the Stylish Nomad by Diego Milano

Most of the denim I cover is within the $40-$250 range, all created with the utmost of care and attention to detail…through trials and errors of testing and design for the ultimate fit before being handcrafted and finished to perfection, and quality assessed for a product to be proud of that will leave you confident you are getting your money’s worth. I am always finding all sorts of fascinating concepts and examples of a neverending variety of creative minds in the industry, and usually price ranges stay in the contemporary premium range rather than into the $400 or $500 range you’d expect to find in the land of high couture. High couture is definitely interesting, in a good way, and I love the awesome spectacle of runway shows and view it mostly as art, since it’s not always totally relatable or reasonable for everyone. At Denimology we just began working with an incredible brand that still might be out of that price range for most, but I just HAVE to share it here! Diego Milano, from what I can see, somehow accomplishes going all out with their denim pieces without worrying about the end-consumer expense, and without the scent of high couture wafting off of them. They appear to be within the premium denim world that I already know and love, but I get the feeling they are on the humble side about the creative genius behind the brand.

Diego Milano is “an exclusive, luxury denim collection inspired by rock and roll, designed with pure sophistication. A true art form.” I know that a lot of brands claim the rock n’ roll influence, but these guys take it to a whole new level. The brand is handled by “an eclectic, worldly, rock n’ roll founder, a chic designer and a team of brilliant artisans.” The brand is a true USA brand as well, with each beautiful pair being designed in New York and handcrafted in Scottsdale, AZ. I believe the brand best explains how incredible their pieces are, so I’ll just leave this here: “Today, Diego Milano stands out in the often-predictable luxury denim market with its combination of rebellious, Rock n Roll edge, incredibly sophisticated construction and utterly unique designs. An exceptionally innovative brand, they surprise us with provocative seams, intricate pleats and washes that have never before been seen on denim. The attention to detail is impeccable. Designed in New York, the highest quality, incredibly luxurious materials and sensuously sleek hardware are transformed by our designers to create these works of art. The first sketch to the final fitting is a mesmerizing, alluring and magical process.”

Perhaps even more important that adds major points to the brand, however, are their philanthropic efforts. Diego Milano donates a considerable portion of all profits to charities that help children around the world gain a quality education and stay out of the horrors of sweatshops and other terrible conditions of child labor.

The Diego Milano Spring/Summer 2015 collection is themed “Tribe of Nomads” and each piece truly has an otherworldly, gypsy-like look to them. With several different colors, leather lining and detailing, 3D elements, and other impressive detailing, these truly stand out and deserve more recognition in the denim market! The Dark 2015 Limited Edition collection is pretty awesome as well, with black coating, leather piping, zipper and pin tuck detailing that really bring out the rock n’ roll feel of the brand.

The Diego Milano brand has mastered the art of making one feel special. These exclusive luxurious jeans change how you feel inside. They exude confidence, pleasure, power, and an exceptionally iconic personality. One doesn’t just wear these jeans, they experience them.”

I don’t always include men’s items but this brand is too cool not to! Here are three of my favorites:

Each Diego Milano piece is as mentioned, pricey, but with such a great cause behind the brand, efforts to remain within the USA as well as the fact that any alterations needed are included in the price, I cannot complain. True art comes at a cost, and with the true cost of fast fashion becoming better known, I’d much rather hand over my hard earned dollars to companies who put true love and care into their work. I’ve also learned over time it’s better to spend more for quality and buy less, than to spend less for a quick fix and buy more. Diego Milano has a few sales here and there too, so if you are eyeing a pair, keep checking back!

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