Marc by Marc Jacobs Revives the Scrunchie

Marc by Marc Jacobs Revives the Scrunchie

The scrunchie. Did anyone really think it would come back? Has it truly come back, or is it being snatched up as fast as it is from some of these designers due to good old marketing and branding? I can’t decide…I’ve seen a few here and there, as nothing really truly dies, but thanks to a Refinery29 article, I now know it’s for real. As a kid I don’t remember wearing scrunchies all that much…my memories of the ’90s consist mostly of Tamagotchis, a bazillion keychains on my school bag, stirrupped leggings, jelly sandals (oh wait, those are back too! Blog post to follow?), fluffy hair, colorful clothing and sky-high ponytails…oh and palazzo pants (I will never forget my MC Hammer-fan girlfriend who kept me feeling pretty spiffy in mine). I don’t remember actually owning a scrunchie as a store find, despite my obsession with Claire’s and Afterthoughts in our now-defunct local mall. I was a crafty child—I loved to make things, and scrunchies was one of my favorite craft subjects!

Don’t get me wrong here, I love me some Marc Jacobs, and I do love the colors in these! But I think my scrunchie days are over…I’m not against them, per se, I just don’t think they fit my style, unless a themed party called for it. What do you think? would you? I know one thing, I love, LOVE the brief rush of nostalgia.

Here’s a few more on the market right now…more than I thought!

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