Metallic Temporary Tattoos by Lulu DK

Metallic Temporary Tattoos by Lulu DK

Image: Lulu DK

Metallic Temporary Tattoos by Lulu DK

Who hasn’t enjoyed temporary tattoos as a kid? Self-decoration is nothing new, but these “just add water” applications disappeared just as fast as culottes and snap bracelets did (although, those are somehow back in style now)…and many of us ditched them for the real thing. I think when most of us think of temporary tats, we associate them with those 25 cent vending machines, or categorize them with face painting booths at the fair or amusement parks. They were fun, but once they started to fade into a grainy mess in a few days, the allure wore off. Just like cheap, flaky nail polish, these novelties fell into our pasts, permanently, and quickly. Never did I think I’d see them pop up again in a new, fresh way…for adults! I started seeing these around lately, and found a neat manufacturer online called Lulu DK. This brand also offers embroidery, patterned pillows, silks, art, bedding, decor and even handbags, all with bohemian, modern or whimsical designs. But their pretty gold or silver temporary tattoos caught my eye! Lulu DK is owned and operated by Lulu deKwiatkowski, who was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a Fine Arts and Interior Design degree. She went on to create her brand in 1998, focusing on textiles and fabrics first, in Paris.

These all come in several different designs: Love Story, La Femme, High Noon, Blue Lagoon, Golden 1, Desert Blue, and Indigo. All of them look a lot more like jewelry to me than tattoos!

Metallic Temporary Tattoos by Lulu DK - Golden 1

Lulu DK – Golden 1 Tattoos

I love love love how gold and silver make your body shimmer and light up, and these tattoos do that beautifully!”

Each of these tattoo designs come in two sheets and last for 4-6 days. Summer will be approaching fast, so I might consider a few for bikini season! Either way, even now in winter, it might be fun to feature simple designs strategically placed here and there. In case anyone is wondering, all of these temporary tattoos pass safety standards for cosmetic products and meets all domestic and international regulatory requirements.

I can’t pick a favorite! Can you? I love how some of these are laced with a bit of color, too.

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