Michael Cina Art Pieces on Fab

Michael Cina Art Pieces on Fab

Image: Fab.com

Michael Cina Art Pieces on Fab

Fab was such an addiction a few years ago…and still kind of is. I’d have to say it’s probably the best place online for gifts, apart from the popular event-based sale site Touch of Modern or maybe even Spencers. Fab though has its own personality, combining a wide range of pieces together in one place to fit any purpose or mood by a multitude of ridiculously creative artists, whether they are painters, interior decorators, jewelers, clothiers, you name it. I’ve become quite a fan lately of sites that combine artwork with pieces you can use everyday, like clothing, bedspreads, pillows, cellphone cases, etc., such as The Coterie and Society6. Fab also offers several pieces like this, and the latest I’ve been drawn to is a collection of bed, bath and personal accessories featuring the amazing abstract art of Michael Cina. I love abstract art because they fit so well with a mood, or whatever a viewer might be feeling while looking at it, and a lot of it can be up to interpretation. Michael’s background is influenced by minimal and visual narratives, using graphics to communicate mood or emotion. I love the colors in these pieces, as if he was illustrating a song while creating them…Fab even states that his work is often done in “response to an emotion or sound” and is rooted in the music and design industries. I thought so before I even read about it. Check out some of these amazing items below!

Michael Cina’s gorgeous work is often created in response to an emotion or sound—lush, abstract compositions that capture a moment in time. With roots in the music and design industries, his work ripples with unexpected color and near-mystical forms.” – Fab

My background is rooted in minimal and graphic communication and visual narratives. I am exploring many different ideas in my practice, thus the form and medium is varied. My interest is in traditional art and building upon those foundations in new ways.” – Michael Cina (source)

I am in love with all of them, and it’s so hard to choose a favorite. What caught my eye first though was the Nothing Yet pieces above…those colors pop so beautifully on the black background like a dream! I’d love the Duvet Cover just to put on a wall…

View the entire Michael Cina collection on Fab here.

Visit Michael Cina’s website here, and purchase limited edition prints of his work at The Ghostly Store, here.


    • Lana September 24, 2015 / 11:22 am

      Glad you like them, I felt the same! Beautiful blog, by the way…it’s always refreshing to see one from a different ethnicity or style. Love your yoga posts. xo

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