Modern and Casual New Spring Denim from Madewell

One perk of being a style blogger is getting the chance to try (and collect) a wide range of denim. You kind of have to be a little obsessed, and because of that, there are very few brands I have not tried (or don’t yet have a pair from). It’s definitely fun to see how your body shape works with different brands, so when you do choose to purchase a pair later, it’s such a convenience to know which brand and size to go for. One brand I actually can’t believe I have not gotten my hands on yet is Madewell, especially considering all the crazy accolades I’ve heard come from their devoted fans. Many of these premium denim brands promise the perfect fit, and many of those are correct…but since bodies come in so many different shapes, this can still be tricky. Madewell is a brand that I’ve heard amazingly positive things about in the fitting department, and I can’t wait to try them (FINALLY…it’s been what, just about 5 years since I started reviewing denim)!

Madewell’s jeans come in a great variety of timeless, cool and laid back washes and finishes, and everything is modeled for the everyday denim wearer. Because of this, the brand is much more relatable for a lot of fans and denim-seekers. Although many premium denim brands have released plus-size collections, Madewell has always had extended sizes and a variety of inseams to choose from. I’m always eyeing every sale, every new release, and every newsletter that I receive from them, and right now I’m enjoying window shopping their new Spring 2018 collection! This collection features more extended sizes from 23 to 35, white denim that isn’t see-through, new detailing like undone hems, new fits, and more “Magic Pockets.” I personally am gravitating to those Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Sea below! Scroll on to see more pieces from this brand new release!

“Simply put, we make great jeans. We also focus on all the things you wear with denim, like timeless leather jackets, keep-forever bags, slouchy tees and compliment-worthy shoes.”

“Extended sizes? We’re on it. White denim that isn’t see-through? We’re on it. Updated hem details, more Magic Pockets and conversation-starting fits? Yep, we’re on those too. Still obsessed with designing perfect pairs of dream jeans? Pretty much.”

“It’s the little details (like new tulip hems) that make the biggest impact.”

“Jeans with Magic Pockets in the front use serious sorcery to smooth you out and hold you in.”

“Made in LA using premium denim, Rivet & Thread jeans are the keep–forever pairs you’ve been hunting for.”

“Our specially woven white denim leaves everything to the imagination.”

“Our latest fits and washes are total conversation starters.”

“Our Perfect Summer Jean looks like back then, feels like right now.”

“We make wearing head-to-toe indigo almost too easy.”

View and shop the Spring 2018 denim collection from Madewell here! Many of these styles are in high demand and some are already backordered, but you won’t have to wait too long. Order now and you’ll get your new favorite jeans in no time.

Madewell also offers a denim recycling program! Bring your old jeans to any store and get $20 off any new jean! All submitted jeans are donated to Blue Jeans Go Green™ to recycle into housing insulation, and 269, 350 pairs have been donated since this awesome partnership began, with over 300 houses insulated. That’s 126 tons of landfill waste saved! Woot!

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