The Modest Denim Bermuda Short

The Modest Denim Bermuda Short

I’m not a huge shorts person, but if it’s hot enough, you’d better believe I’m grabbing my Siwy or True Religion shorties out of my closet without a second thought! I don’t really like skirts much due to chafing and when it’s hot enough, skin on skin is not all that comfortable (yeah it’s pretty much the only time when I’d find that darn thigh gap to be useful), although I’d always wear them to work when it was too hot for jeans. However, shorts don’t have to always be inappropriate for work or more modest settings, and I knew there had to be something cute to wear that didn’t look like I was about to embark on a safari. One one particularly sweltering workweek, a pair of knee length, fitted twill shorts from Abercrombie that I had stashed away made me go on a hunt for more like it, but of the denim kind!

eBay is always a favorite haunt of mine for good deals, and a pair of light blue, pinstriped Hudson bermudas became a new staple for me on these hot days at work. I still wonder though, why don’t we see more of them out there? They are both practical and a great middle ground for those who aren’t interested in showing a lot of thigh. I think some of them are super cute too, as long as they are fitted (my personal taste)! So I figured I’d go on a hunt for some of the best I can find (there still are definitely not as many out there as there are shorties) to offer a different alternative as we enter into the summer months!

Of course, I ALWAYS suggest American Eagle Outfitters to those who aren’t partial to premium prices. They are the best bang for the lower price point if you ask me! Here are two favorites below, or shop more here.

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